Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 33

May Lord Lakshmi HayagrIvan confer His choicest blessings on every one, who studies His sthothram composed by Swamy Desikan every day !
May Lord Lakshmi HayagrIvan confer His choicest blessings on every one, who studies His sthothram composed by Swamy Desikan every day !


Oh AaasthikAs of this world! Oh SumathIs! This sthOthram on Lord HayagrIvan was composed by the Lion among the poets and logicians with the name of VenkatanAthan. May You all recite this sacred sthuthi to be blessed with the powers of composing poetry and realizing special jn~Anam about the true meanings of Tatthva-Hitha-PutrushArthams.

Swamy Desikan declares that one should recite with devotion the HayagrIva SthOthram composed by VenkatanAthan, who is a Lion among poets and Logicians for obtaining the blessings of Veda Vaak impregnated with auspicious meanings (VaagarTa Siddhi:). Swamy points out that this HayagrIva SthOthram is no Sthuthi, but is a Samsthuthi (most auspicious adoration of the Lord). The reciters will be blessed with sound (Vaak) and artham (sense) in an inseparable manner through the anugraham of the DayA Nidhi, Lord HayagrIvan.

Swamy Desikan is the proof positive for becoming Kavi-Taarkika Kesari. Unflinching Bhakthi for Lord HayagrIvan is an absolute prerequisite for such anugrahams.

The reference is to Sri LakshmI HayagrIvan in the HayagrIva Sthothram as indicated by the choice of words “Vaagartha Siddhi”. Vaak and Artham are conjointly mentioned. Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar quotes the following two passages from VishNu PurANam and Swamy Desikan’s own Thirucchina Maalai:

(1) “ArthO VishNum iyam VaaNI” (VishNu PurANam: 1-8-19)

Here the Lord is equated to the meaning (artham) and LakshmI to Vaak (word, VaaNee). The passage from Sri GopAla Vimsathi: “Vaacham nijAnga RasikAm PrasameekshamANa:” can also be reflected upon here. The “DayA tarangAnucharA: KatAkshA:”of Lord Hyagrivan on the Suddha satthvA: makes them “VyapadEsya Vaacha:” (known for their auspicious speech).

(2) “Thiru uRayAit-thAm poruLAi niRpAr VanthAr ThAmE”
Here Swamy Desikan in his tribute in Thirucchinna Maalai to the Lord of Kaanchi VaradarAjan salutes LakshmI as the sapdha-SvarUpi and the Lord as the Meaning of those Vaaks.

Lord HayagrIvan is revered, as UdhgItha PraNava-svaroopan. It is in this context that the second slOkam of ThirucchinamAlai explaining the Rakshakathva artham of akAram in PraNavam has special significance to Lord HayagrIvan:

arumaRayai oozhi tanil kaatthAr VanthAr
athu tannai anRu Ayanukku aLitthAr VanthAr
Dharuma Vazhi azhiyAmal kAppAr VanthAr
ThAmaraiALudan ilangum tAthai vanthAr
Thiru urayaayait thaamm poruLaai nirpaar vanthaar
thiruvaruLAl sezhum kalaikai thanthaar vanthaar
maruvalrkku mayakkuraikkum MaayOr vanthAr
VaanERa Vazhi TanthAr vanthAr thAmE

–Thiruchina Maalai: 2

Sri Lakshmi (VidhyA) HayagrIva Tatthvam is very much embedded in the above Desika Prabhandham. The references to the many glories of Lord HayagrIvan celebrated in the first sthOthram of Swamy Desikan are all here:

(1) First Two lines: Varadhan is the One as HayagrIvan blessed BrahmA with the rare Vedams during PraLaya Kaalam and protected (restored) them, when they were stolen and performed UpadEsam for BrahmA.

(2) Third and Fourth Lines: HayagrIva Varadhan is the One, who engages in Dharma samsthApanam thru His many avathArams along with MahA Lakshmi from whom He is never separated.

(3) Fifth Line: HayagrIvan is the Lord, who is artha svarUpi, while MahA LakshmI is present as Sabdha SvarUpi (Vaak) in an inseparable manner (ahalahillEn yenRu urayum AlarmEl Mangai).

(4) Sixth Line: Lord HayagrIvan took His avathAram for illustrating the VedArthams and for creation of Dharma Saasthrams, Saathvika PurANams and IthihAsams through the efforts of Maharsishis (VyAsadaya: VyapadEsya Vaacha:) like Paraasara, VyAsA and Vaalmiki.

(5) Seventh Line: Lord HayagrIva Varadhan is the One who plunges naasthikAs without bhakthi for Him into narakams through many mOhana saasthrams and deludes them.

(6) Eighth Line: Lord HayagrIva Varadhan is the Saasthra PaaNI, who instructs the AchAryAs with Bhakthi-Prapatthi maargams to bless the Bhaddha Jeevans with Moksha Siddhi through them.

As adiyEn mentioned earlier, Lord VaradarAjan and Lord HayagrIvan are Swamy’s nithya aarAdhana moorthys. The Vara DhAyakan, HyaagrIvan, becomes Varada Raajan as revealed from this Thirucchinna Maalai paasuram.

The manthra Maya sarIram of the Lord arising out of the Utthara Vedhi under PuNya kOti vimAnam is equally applicable to Lord HayagrIvan as per the 10th slOkam of Sri HayagrIva sthOthram (agnou samiddhArchishi–), which is a summary of Smruthi Vaakhyam: “aham hi sarva yaj~nAnAm bhOkthA cha PrabhurEva cha”.


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