Adaikkalappathu – 3

“Sindura Verpu”

Here, Swami Desikan points out that all are eligible to perform Prapatthi at the lotus feet of the Lord of Kaanchi and receive the boon of Moksham from that act of self-surrender.


I meditate on the glorious attribute of Varadaraajan, who blesses all without discrimination, when they perform prapatthi unto Him. These are the virtuous ones, who understand the difficulties of practicing Bhakthi yOgam and understand well the equal qualifications of all to perform prapatthi to gain the boon of Moksham. They do not seek any other means than prapatthi and observe their varNaasrama dharmams without slipping. They utter thereafter the prapatthi manthram (svanishtai) or follow the utterances of their Achaaryaas (ukthi Nishtai) and perform their prapatthi to the Lord, who accepts it with joy and rewards them with the boon of mOksham.


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