Vaduvur Theppotsavam

Vasantha Mandapam

Annual Theppotsavam event was celebrated successfully at Sarayu Pushkarni (Vaduvur Temple tank) on February 6th, 2012.

A huge (Theppam) special boat was constructed for the event. With special alankaram, Sri Ramar along with Sita Pirati and Sri Lakshmanar was taken on procession around the temple before boarding the theppam.

The celebration started at 8:30PM and went upto 1:30AM the next day, with large gathering of local people participating in the event. Special Nadaswaram by Sri Krishnamurthy and troop and fireworks was arranged during the event.

Enjoy the visual feast below.

Vasantha Mandapam

Courtesy : Sri. V.P Rajesh swamy

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