Prabhandam & Slokas

Adaikkalappathu – 5


Here, Swami Desikan reveals that he has performed the prapatthi at the Lord’s feet in the
proper manner with the five angaas of Prapatthi. The words of the prabhandham connected
to the five angams are :

ukakkumavai ukanthu — AnukUlya sankalpam
ukavAvanaitthumozhindhu — prathikUlya varjanam
mikath thuNivu peRavuNarndhu — mahaa visvaasam
kAvalena varitthu — gopthruthva varaNam
pukalillAth thavamaRiyEn — kArpaNyam

With these words, Swami Desikan points out that he has performed aathma samarpaNam
with its five angams as established by His Achaaryas.


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