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Samprokshanam, Srinivasar Thirukkoil, Villiambakkam

On February 8, 2012, the samprokshanam was held  in a grand and traditional vaideeka system at Srinivasar Thirukkoil, Villiambakkam. The Vaikshanasa bhattar from Singa perumal Koil, Sriperumbudur, Triplicane were the ritvigs along with sthala bhattar Sri Sowndararaja bhattar. A new Rajagopouram is constructed at this thirukkoil. All vahanas are ready and only Dwaja sthambam alone is remaining to be established to perform brahmotsavam.

Villiambakkam village is situated between Chengalpattu and Pazhayaseevaram. it is connected through bus and train (chennai to Tirumalpur). This village was established 500 years ago by Tirumalai Nallan Chakravarthi ‘Raghavarya Mahadesikan’ and a Srinivasa Sannidhi.

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