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English Name Tamil Name Measure
Arisi Kurunai Broken rice 300 gms
Payathamparuppu Greengram dhal 300 gms
Paal Milk 2 litres
Vellam Jaggery 500 gms
Mundhiri Cashew nuts 25 gms
Dried Drakshai Raisin 10 gms
Nei Ghee for frying


– Cook the broken rice in 2 ltr. milk.
– Cook greengram dhal in water.
– Prepare jaggery syrup not too thick.
– Mix everything.
– Fry the cashew nuts and raisins in ghee.
– Add them along with cardamom powder to the mixture.
– After cooling its ready to serve to the Lord.

Note: Chanting the name of Govindan while preparing dishes will bring immense benefits.


Sri Nrisimha Priya

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