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Sri Ranganayaki Thayar – Pomona, USA

This SlOkam is recited for the growth in VedAntha VidhyA since She sports on top of VedAntham (Moulayasccha SrutheenAm sayyA VisEshA: sampadhyanthE).


Oh Periya PirAtti! You and Your Lord are always together as a matchless inseperable pair. In this state of union of Yours, the love for each other does not diminish even an iota at any time. You as a pair are eternal in existence. Either of You do not part with the other. There are no limits to each of Your kalyANa guNams. When introducing You both as a pair, we have to introduce each of You in relation to the other. For instance, Your Lord is introduced as “Sriya: Pathi” and You are introduced as “VishNu Pathni”. One has to be referred to with sambhandham to the other.

There are three preferred places for You both for play and to rest in “nidhrA Yogam”. These are; (1) at the bed of Adhi Seshan (2) on the heart lotuses of pure minded yOgis meditating on You both always and (3) On the top of VedAnthams (Upanishads), which always praise both of Your Vaibhavams.

Additional Observations on the individual SlOkam passages:

(1) The key passages here are: “ VishNu: Thvam cha ithi, dhvandhvam anyOnya Lakshyam (The pair represented by Yourself and Your Lord is to be known (understood) only by reference to each other. Both of You are inseparable from each other (nithyA anapAyam). She is referred to as “Tath Dharma DharmiNi” to denote Her inseparable relationship with Her Lord.

(2) The bond of uninterrupted (ever present) love between You as a pair holds You tightly together (NishprathyUha PraNaya gaDitham).

(3) Both of You have special places for your mutual enjoyment and You prefer three places as Your special bed (SayyA VisEsha:). These are: (a) bed of Sesha: (the Thousand hooded Adhi Seshan), (b) the untainted minds of the Yogis (Vimala manasAm chittha:) and (c) Top of the Crown of the Vedams (SrutheenAm MouLaya:).

(4) The bond of love that binds You both in an inseparable state propells You to declare that You will never be without each other even for a second. Oh Periya PirAtti! You take the appropriate roopam to accompany Your Lord in every avathAram of His:

“Bhagavan NaarAyaNa-abhimatha- anuroopa-svaroopa-guNa vibhava-iswarya
PadhmAvanAlayAm Bhagavtheem Sriyam Deveem nithyAnapAyineem niravadhyAm
DevadEva- Dhivya Mahisheem akhila-jaganmAtharam (asmanMaatharam) aSaraNya-
SaraNyAm ananyaSaraNa: SaraNam-aham prapadhyE”
-AchArya RaamAnujA’s SaraNAgathy Gadhyam; 1st ChoorNikai

Meaning according to Sri K.R.KrishNaswAmi:

“Sriman NaarayanA’s most-beloved, deserving and (the One) abounding in divine qualities like Svaroopa, Roopa, GuNa, Vibhava, Iswarya, SeelA (and such endlessly exquisite/ rare / innumerable KalyANa guNAs); You are Bhagavathy, SrI Devi; You dwell in the lotus garden; (You are) never seperated from Your Lord; (You have) not an iota of defect or flaw; (You are) NaarAyaNA’s divine consort; You are the Mother of the Universe; Oh our Mother, Protector of the helpless, I who has no other refuge, surrender unto You”.

(5) SrI Devi matches in every way to Her Lord with respect to His Roopam, Svaroopam, GuNam etc; If He is “hEya sambhandha rahitha poorNa ShAdguNya vigrahan” (One who is free from any blemish or dhOsham and has the six guNams of Jn~Anam, Sakthi, Balam, Iswaryam and tEjas), She matches Him in every measure.

(6) Two VishNu PurANa slOkams shows Her perfect Match with Her Lord and Her inseparability with Her Lord:

nithyaivaishA JaganmAthA VishNO; SrIranapAyinee
YaTA sarvagathO VishNus-tataivEyam dvijOtthama

—-VishNu PurAnam: 1.8.17


Oh the best among Brahmins ! She is the Mother of the Universe, dearest to Her Lord and is the One, who never leaves His presence even for one second (ahalahillEn iRayum AlarmEl Mangai). Just as Her Lord is Sarva-VyApi (pervades every where), She is also Sarva VyApini.

arthO VishNuriyam VaaNee neethirEsha nayO Hari:
BhOdhO Vishnuriyam Buddhi: dharmOasou sathkriyA dhviyam

—- VishNu PurANam: 1.8.18


VishNu is the meaning (PoruL); MahA Lakshmi is the sabdham(Sound) expressing that meaning. She stays as the NyAya Saasthram and He (Hari) is present as the NyAyam. Our Lord is Jn~Anam and She is the tool (upakaraNam) for that Jn~Anam with the name of Buddhi. He is the Dharmam, while She is the sath Karmam, which executes that dharmam.

(7) She matches Her Lord in every way and compliments Him in other ways and is the Empress of the Universe, while being His divine consort (“asyEsAnA JagathO VishNu Pathnee” according to Yajus-samhithai).

(8) According to SrI Sooktam: “She is the Goddess of Beauty, Plenty and Prosperity, the Ruler and the Mother of the Universe. OudhAryA- magnanimity is an integral part of Her nature. Poverty and Ignorance shy away, when She makes Her appearance”.

This Fifth SlOkam is recited for the growth in VedAntha VidhyA since She sports on top of VedAntham (Moulayasccha SrutheenAm sayyA VisEshA: sampadhyanthE).

To be continued…


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