Sri Stuthi – 8

Perundevi Thayar - Moolavar
Perundevi Thayar - Moolavar

This slOkam is recited to drive away one’s accumulated Sins:

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

You are the Empress of the World. One who utters Your names such as Lakshmi, Padmaa, Jaladhi-tanayaa (daughter of the Ocean), VishNu Pathnee and Indhiraa, escape the cycle of births and deaths, caused by sins.

Meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Villivalam NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy:

Lakshmi, Padmaa, Ksheera-saagara sambhavai, VishNu Pathnee, Indhiraa and other names of Yours are gifts to us from the Vedams (Sruthis). Those who repeat these sacred names of Yours will not be caught up in the wheel of SamsAram moved around by the mighty wind of Sins. They wont get sucked into this harrowing wheel of births and deaths driven by the mighty winds of SamsAram.

Expanded meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Sri V.N.SrIrAma DesikAchAr:

Oh MahA Devi! VaradarAja PriyE! As the Lord’s consort, you obey His commands. The VedAs declare that You are the Empress to the prapancham constitued by the chEtanams and achEtanams just as Your Lord is the Emperor for this prapancham. You have the celebrated names of “Lakshmi, PadhmA, Jaladhi tanayA, VishNu Pathni and IndhirA etc”. VedAs use these sacred names as their base for comprehending Your glories. Therefore, these names are like capital (Moola) dhanam for them. When one recites them as Japam, their sins are driven away and that leads to the birth of desire in Moksham. Next, they perform Prapatthi and gain Moksha Siddhi. Until reciting Your sacred names, the chEtanams were suffering in the whirlwind of SamsAram and their sins drove them to be born in different yOnis. They suffered untold miseries as a result of this SamsAric cycle. The repetition (aavrutthi) of Your sacred Naamams removes the MOksha VirOdhis and permits them to practise Prapatthi to gain Moksham (na PunarAvrutthi: = not returning to the SamsAric world).

Additional Observations on the passages of the 7th slOkam of SrI Sthuthi:

1) The key message of this sLokam is: “Yath nAmAni (Lakshmi, PadhmA ithi) yEvam aavartayantha: janma chakrE na aavartantE”. By repeating these powerful names that are sacred, the chEtanams get freed from their sins and develop a ruchi for Moksham. This propels them to perform Prapatthi and become blessed with “apunarAvruthi” (non return to this world), the Parama PurushArTam.

2) These names of SrI Devi are the Moola dhanam/seed capital/core funds for the Vedams (YannAmAni Sruthi paripaNAni).

3) Until they began to recite Your NaamAs, the chEtanams were being buffeted by the horrible winds of SamsAram and were experiencing the repeated cycles of births and deaths (dhuritha pavana prErithE janma chakrE aavartanthE). It was a hopeless situation. Once they began to repeat Her NaamAs as Taaraka, Poshaka Mantram they never got caught up in the wheel of SamsAram (Janma chakrE na aavartanthE).

4) Oh SrI DEvi! Out of Your matchless compassion for the suffering souls, You approach Your Lord (Thvam Mukundham samsrayanthy) and intercede for them, remove the dhOshams that stand in the way of their Moksham, secure the Lord’s pledge to forgive the trespasses of them (the sinners), be there during the time of aasrayaNam (Prapatthi) and as the Saha dharmachAriNi of Your Lord accept the Havis of Aathma with Your Lord and bless the Yaj~nam. The soul gains Moksha sukham. You become the Iswari of the Jagath (asya Jagatha: IsAnA asi) as a result of these compassionate deeds.

To be continued…


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