Sri Stuthi – 12


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Thiru-ayindai hEmAbjavalli thAyAr

This 12th slOkam is recited to gain the highest of the VidhyAs (AdhyAthma VidhyA):

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

Sarasvathy, Parvathy and Sachi are but modifications of minute particles of Your own graceful will.

Meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Villivalam NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy:

The Iswaryam of knowledge (VidhyA=Kalvi) that is spread all around the world is under the influence of Saraswathi DEvi, the consort of Brahma Devan; Lord SivA, the husband of Paarvathi is subservient to Manmathan fearing the raising of the eye brows of His consort. Indhran is wide awake with all his hundreds of eyes and is looking alertly for the hints form his Devi, SaamrAjya Lakshmi, IndhrANi .Oh MahA Lakshmi! The greatness (Mahimai) of Saraswathi, Parvathi and Indhran’s wife are nothing but specks form the power of Your anugraha sankalpam (Volition, Sakthi).

Expanded meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Sri V.N.SrIrAma DesikAchAr:

(1) Oh MahA Lakshmi! The forms of all divine speech (Vaangmayam) and the Iswaryam (VibhUthi:) resulting from them — starting from Creation (Aasamsaaram) and extending all over the entire universe (vithatham akhilam) — are under the control of Saraswathy Devi (AasamsAram vithatham akhilam vaangmayam yadhvibhUthi:)
(2) Oh Lady residing on the Lotus! MahEswara Rudran, who had the Meru mountain as His bow (Meru dhanvA) became the target and servant of Manmathan — the one with the flowers as His arrows (Kusuma dhanusha:) — as a reult of the narrowing of the brows of Parvathi, his wife (Meru dhanvA, Yadh bhrUbangAth Kusuma dhanusha: kinkara: bhabhUva).

(3) Indhran, the king of DevAs (MahEndhra:) is under the total control of IndhrANi, His SaamrAjya Lakshmi and is focusing his hundreds of eyes (nayana sathakai:) on her always (nithyam) as his single target (yEka lakshyam). He is under her total influence.

(4) For all these three consorts of exalted DEvAs (Saraswathi, Parvathi and IndhrANi), the glories of their power over their husbands arises from the infinitesimal portion of Your anugraha sakthi. You are the reason behind their maturation and powers: “ThaasAm (For them) asou (this) pariNathi: (maturation and power)

Thvadeeyai: (Your) bhAva lEsai: (from the littlest drops of Your sankalpam) bhavathy (becomes possible)”.

Additional Observations on the passages of the 12th slOkam of SrI Sthuthi:

Oh SrI DEvi Thou art the reason behind the glories of the Devis of the great DEvAs like Brahma, Manmathan and IndhrA. From the time of creation, there are innumerable aksharams as a part of existing speech (Vaak). These words and sentences (Vaakyams) are populating many source granthams. How did it happen? It is because of the Goddess of Learning revered as Saraswathi DEvi. Her consort, Brahma DEvan stays under Her influence.

Further, the powerful Lord Rudran, who wielded Mount Meru as His bow to destroy ThripurAsurAs becomes subservient to one, who has the feeble flowers as his arrows and is subject to Kaamam. Why is that? It is because of MahEswaran’s fear about the angry narrowing of the eyebrows of Parvathy.

In addiiton, Indhran is totally under the influence of the beauty of his Devi, IndhrANi, whom he gazes with total focus all the time with his hundreds of eyes. How did all these three Devis attain such control over their husbands through their extraordinary beauty (Soundharyam)? Oh SrI DEvi, it is You who desired that they have these powers and the smallest of the drops of Your sankalpa Sakthi. You willed so and they became blessed (ThAsAm asou PariNathi: Thvadheeyai: bhAva lEsai)

To be continued…


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