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SrIranganAyaki thAyAr – Srirangam

The 14th slOkam is recited to remove the curses (Saapams) incurred due to apachArams to BhagavathAs:

(anvya Karamam=Prose order): Amrutha SahajE! Saapa AakrAnthA: sAvarhOdhA: sura indhirA: VishNu vakshalasTAm ThvAm AalOkya SaraNam agaman. Thvath katAkshai: lakshitham idham thribhuvanam bhUya: laBdhvA, sarva AakAra sTira samudhayAm sampadham nirvisanthy.

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

You are the sister of Nectar .The accursed gods resorted to You and regained their prosperity, which became permanent in all aspects.

Meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Villivalam Narayanachar Swamy:

Oh Amrutha SahOdhari! The best among the DevAs along with their wives performed SaraNAgathys to You, who is seated in the temple of the Lord’s sacred chest. They resorted to You to for the removal of the curse of Sage DhurvAsaa that led to the loss of their wealth and positions. The result of their SaraNAgathy to You was their regaining of their former positions and Iswaryam. Your benevolent glances have blessed them with the restoration of rulership over the three universes and enjoyment of eternal wealth.

Additional Observations on the passages of the 14th slOkam of SrI Sthuthi:

1) Amrutha sahajE! = Oh Sri DEvi, who appeared along with the Nectar from the Milky Ocean!

2) Indhran offended Sage DhurvAsa at one time. The enraged sage cursed Indhran and all his subjects to loose their Iswaryam. The asurAs gained the wealth of Indhran and the DevAs. Indhran shrank in power and was soundly defeated by the asuras. Indhran arrived with Brahma, Sivan and all the DevAs to the Milky Ocean and sought the refuge of Sriman Narayana. EmperumAn commanded the dEvAs to churn the Milky ocean with the AsurAs and offered to help in gaining nectar from that ocean to give immortality to the DEvAs, freedom from fear from the asurAs and regain their lost wealth. When the amrutha maTanam was over, MahA Lakshmi arose from the Ocean seated on a lotus flower in front of Her Lord and the DEvAs. Sri DEvi was crowned the Empress of the world and She took Her seat on the chest of the Lord. With Her auspicious glances, She nullified the curse of DhurvAsa and restored the Iswaryams that Indhra had lost before. DevAs are enjoying their wealth and bhOgams even today thanks to the power of those auspicious glances of Sri DEvi.

3) Swamy Desikan describes the pitiable state of the accursed Indhran, the DevAs and their wives this way: “Saapa AakrAnthA: (overpowered with sadness from the curse of Sage DhurvAsa) sAvarOdhA: Sura IndhrA:” (the celebrated dEvAs along with their wives) arrived (agaman) in front of You seated on the chest of Your Lord. All of them saw You and prostrated before You and sought You as refuge (VishNu VakshasTalAm ThvAm aalOkya SaraNam agaman). You looked at the sad dEvAs with Your auspicious glances and blessed them to gain back all the three worlds that they had lost as a result of the sage’s curse (Thvath KatAkshai: lakshitham idham thribhuvanam bhUya: laBdhvA). Due to the anugraha sakthi of SrI DEvi, the dEvAs enjoy imperishable Iswaryam of every kind (Sarva AakAra sTira samudhAyAm sampadham nirvisanthy) even today.

4) MahA Lakshmi is “AakAra Thraya Sampannai”. It is therfore natural that Her auspicious glances conferred on the dEvAs every kind of lasting wealth (sarva aakAra sTira samudhAyAm sampadham) to enjoy.

5) With Her ever-merciful heart, Sri DEvi removed the dhainyam (helplessness) of Indhran and restored his dhairyam and Iswaryam. Another poet described Sri DEvi’s anugraham this way:

“bheethi: prAdhurbhavathi mahathee SakthimathyA BhavathyA
KaaruNyArdhrE mrudhuni hrudhayE chinthithE hantha dhairyam“

— Passage from the 23rd SlOkam of Lakshmi Sahasram

Indhran had lost every thing and was filled with great fear (mahathee bheethi). It encircled him (prAdhurbhavathy). He stood before You full of power (Sakthimathy). Your soft heart full of compassion for the suffering children of Yours (BhavathyA: KaaruNyArdhrE mrudhuni hrudhayam) blessed Indhran to regain his lost wealth and endowed him with courage (dhairyam) to defeat his enemies.

To be continued…


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