Sri Stuthi – 16


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ThiruppErnagar kamalAdEvi thAyAr

The 16th slOkam is recited for the growth of one’s wealth. This is the famous slOkam, when golden coins rained from the sky in front of PerumdEvi ThAyAr, when Swamy Desikan sought Sri DEvi’s intervention to help a Brahmachari to acquire wealth to seek a bride and start gruhasthAsrama dharmam.

(anvya Karamam=Prose order): iha yE yOga Aarambha thvaritha manasa:, yushmadh eikAnthya: yuktham dharmam prApthum praTamam dhanAyAm dharayanthE, tEshAm bhumE: dhanapathy gruhAth amBharAth amBudhE: vaa vAnchithAnAm vasUnAm dhArA: adhikam adhikam niryAnthy.

iha= in this world
yE= those
yOga Aarambha= who wish to commence Yogic activities
thvaritha manasa:= with eagerness of mind,
Yushmadh= of You both
EikAnthya yuktham= with the quality of single mindedness dharmam prApthum for performing dharmic activities like Yaagam,
praTamam= first (approach to)
danAyAm dhArayanthE= seek wealth
tEshAm= for them
BhUmE:vaa =from the Earth
dhanapathy gruhAth vaa= or from the palace of KubErA
amBharAth vaa= or from the sky
amBhudhE: vaa= or from the Ocean
vaanchithAnAm vasUnAm= the wealth desired by them
dhArA: the flow (of such wealth)
adhikam adhikam niryAthy= grows more and more.

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

Some people need wealth to start Karma yOgA, which ultimately generates bhakthi towards You. For them, riches will stream out bounteously from the earth, from the house of KubErA, from the sky and from the Ocean.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

For those who wish to engage in bhakthi yOga and want to follow angams of ParamaikAnthy dharmams with the help of some wealth, the needed wealth will flow like flood from the earth as a treasure or from KubhErA’s house or from the sky or from the ocean.

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

Oh Sri DEvi! Some ParamaikAnthis want to practise Bhakthi yOgam rapidly for gaining Moksham as a Phalan. They have to complete first the angams of Karma and Jn~Ana yOgams in pursuit of Bhakthi yOgam. Further, they have to observe VarNAsrama dharmams. They have to perform yaagams, which will need a lot of wealth to carry it out. Therefore, they wish to acquire some wealth. Being ParamaikAnthis, they will not ask for wealth form any other dEvathAs. They will only approach You both (MahA Lakshmi and Her Divine consort). For these ParamaikAnthis, Your anugrahams result in the accumulation of desired wealth in huge quantities. They come from anywhere and everywhere. One cannot anticipate where those floods of wealth will reach them. It can be from the earth as a hidden treasure; it can be from the house of KubhErA; it can be from the sky or from the ocean.

To be continued…


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