Nithya KarmaThiruvaradhana Kramam

Bhagavad Tiruvaradhanam

The Video displayed here is for reference and bhagavadas who wish to order this DVD from Srimath Poundareekapuram asramam
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Notes for Thiruvaradhanam:

Thenkalai Thiruvaradhanakramam

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  1. I dont know much about all these nithya karmas. This website is really useful to me especially coz am newly wed and i am starting to use this. excellent job. I had a doubt in abhivadanam. While telling the sootras for ex. i am Yajur veda, shud we tell both Apasthampa Soothra and Bhodhayana Soothraa or one. if one how to choose which one. My husband doesnt know much abt this. i hope u can tell me.

    1. sri: the best source is the elders in your husband’s house or their brihaspathi. As far as adiyEn knows one can belong to only one sutra i.e either; you may find this of use: I quote:
      Though both SUtras follow KrishNa Yajurveda texts, the two grihya SUtras are different in prayoga in certain respects.

      As the SUtra is determined by birth, one has to follow the SUtra belonging to his family while performing the various Vedic karmas.
      Hope this helps.

  2. I am not a native Tamil speaker. I need help with the Sattramurai text spoken on the Paundarikapuram Bhagavat Tiruvaradhana DVD. I cannot make it out. It’s not a standard Sattramurai. Can anyone point me to the text of this?

    adiyen ramanuja dasan


  3. Swamin,

    Could you please help me with a video demonstrating ‘lagu thiruvaradhanam’ relevant to thenkalai sect?

    Thanks in advance


  4. I intend to perform thiruvaradhanam daily. I am vadakalai/Ahobilamath. Request clarity on the following pl.
    1. Can we perfom thiruvaradhanam without saligramam(pardon me if I am ignorant)
    2. Right type of saligramams to install

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