Sri Stuthi – 19

Thirupputkuzhi maragathavalli thAyAr

The 19th slOkam is recited for developing attachment to DharmAnushtAnam (Observance of KarmAs recommended by the Sruthis and Smruthis without violations)

The key passage of this slOkam is: “Kruthina: Tava VishNO: cha preethyai Vaidhikam dharma sEthum preethimantha: bhajanthE” (The PuNyasaalis protect the dam of Vaidhika dharmam with joy for pleasing You and Your Lord).

Word by word Meaning:

Janani!= Oh Mother!
kruthina:= the righteous (PuNyasAlis)
Jaatha AakAnkshaa:= desirous of
YuvayO: yEka sEvA adhikArE= performing Kaimkaryam to both of You together and recieving the phalans from such kaimkaryams,
MaayAleeDam akhilam vibhavam= consider the entire wealth of this universe associated with prakruthy
thruNAya manyamAnA:= as trivial in value such as a blade of grass.
Tava VishNu cha preethyai= for the exclusive pleasure of Yourself and Your Lord (they engage in these kaimkaryams and nithya karmAs).
vElA bhanga praSamana phalam= (they perform these kaimkaryams) without violating the rules of Bhagavath Saasthrams
Vaidhikam dharma sEthum preethimantha: bhajanthE= They perform these karmAs sanctioned by the VedAs and protect the dam of ancient dhramam with happiness (affection).

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

Blessed are the persons, who serve You both, considering all material wealth equal to a blade of grass. They adopt the vedic duties with no deviation and thus make you both happy.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

Oh Mother of the Universe! Those blessed ones, who wish to perform Kaimkaryams to You in unison with Your divine consort discard the material wealth of this world and engage in practise of Vaidhika karmAs for pleasing You both. They perform these kaimkaryams with the resolution that they should not swerve away from these ancient commands of Your Lord ordained in His Bhagavath Saasthrams.

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

For those virtous ones, who have peformed SaraNAgathy to both of You, desire arises in them to serve You both together. Propelled by that desire (Kaimkarya ruchi), they consider all the perishable wealth of this world as worthless. The Phalan sought by their selfless kaimkaryams is the realization of Your pleasure over their kaimkarya prApthi. Such nishkAma kaimkaryams (with Saathvika thyAgams) observed as Vaidhika dharmams stand like a strong dam to hold the boundaries of Bhagavath Saasthrams.

To be continued…


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