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Kurugaikavalappan is located near Kangaikondasozhapuram and Kattumannarkoil.

Moolavar deity is Veeranarayana Perumal, as in Kattumannarkoil. Perumal’s beauty is beyond any explanation in words.¬†Nathamuni’s sishyar Kuruguaikavalappan’s name is given for this place. Nathamuni’s brindavanam is said to be near this temple.

Masi magam-powrnami festival is celbrated in a grand manner at this temple. Some 6 decades ago, the lord used to go to Kollidam on Masi magam day. As days passed, the system vanished. Now it is celebrated in the temple itself. Bhagawadas could visit this place when they visit Oppiliappankoil the next time.

Courtesy: Sri Rajagopalan Swami

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