Nuthana Thiruther Mahasamprokshanai, Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal Thirukkoil, Villivakkam



Mahasamprokshanai utsavam of the new Thiruther at Sri Amirthavalli Nayaka samathe Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal Thirukkoil is scheduled to take place on April 4,5 and 6, 2012. Purapaddu of Perumal in the new ThiruTher will take place on Friday(April 6).

Bhagavat Bhaagavatha Bandus are requested to take part in this utsavam and get Perumal’s anugraham.

About the temple: Sri Amirthavalli Nayaka samathe Sri Sowmya Damodara Perumal – is located at Konnur now popularly known as Villivakkam.

The temple is said to be 650 years old. It is sorrounded by nangu maada veedhi, Sannidhi street, East Maada street, North Maada street and South Maada street. The Thiruveedhi is exactly 1.4 km from naalu kaal mandapam and chinna maada veedhi is 0.4 km.

All Azhvar Acharya utsavams are held at this temple and 30 to 40 people participate in Arulicheyal Kainkaryam. Perumal Thirunakshtram is sravanam. Vaikasi sravanam Brahmotsavam and other utsavams like sadha kalasa thirumanjanam, Pavithra Utsavam, Vasantostsavam, Dhavana Utsavam, Thayaar Thota Utsavam, Thirupaavadai Utsavam, ThepaUtsavam, Panchaparuva purapaadu, Azhvar Aacharya satrumarai purapadu are being held in this temple.

In this temple the Sripadam Kainkaryam is being done by many srivaishnavas and other youngsters through the Sripadha Kainkarya Sabha for the past years. This has been changed to Sri Bhagavat Bhagavatha Kainkarya Trust(reg). The kainkarya sabha has been indulged in many kainkaryams, Vellli(silver) Thoti, Azhvar palagai, Thandu, ThiruKoodai etc. In brahmotsavam the 7th day ThiruTher utsavam was Punyakooti vimanam instead of Thirutheer for the past years.

Last year a plan for making Thiruther was proposed by the trust, and within a short period of time (1 year) a new ThiruTher with a height of 27 feet was made for the Lord. The Vellotam of new ThiruTheer was held on March 2, 2012.

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Courtesy: Sri Kannan Srinivasan Swami

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