Sri LakshmiNarayanan Temple, Thirukkallam


Thirukkallam is a small village situated on the bank of Kusasthalai river, 50 km from chennai on Chennai-Periapalayam road. After passing karanodai overbridge, take a left turn on Periapalayam road. After 3 or 4 km, you will reach Kannigaiperur. There near market take a left turn you reach Thirukkallam village in 3 km. This small place is fertile because of Sri LakshmiNarayanan temple. Moolavar LakshmiNarayanan having thayar on his left lap embrasing with left lower hand blessing us with abayamudrai in right. Sankam and chakram adds his beauty.

Utsavar is unusually Ramar, Lakshmanan, Seethai and hanumar. It is managed by a private srivaishnava family for over two dacades. The village has given birth to many Acharyas like Sri Thirukkallam swamy. This is a punyaboomi because of the mangalasasanam by HH 43rd, 44th and 45th Azhagiya Singars. HH Mukkur Azhagiya Singar has stayed in this village for many days.

On the other side of Thirukkallam, on the outskirts of a village called Erumaivettipalayam Raman in yoga style is having Seeta on his lap. Lakshmana is having two bows one of his and another of Rama’s. Anjaneyar is baktha anjaneya with folded hands.

Courtesy: Sri Rajagopalan Swami


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