Thiruppullani Panguni Brahmotsavam – Day 7 & 8 (updated)

Annapakshi Vahanam

During evening of Day 7 of Panguni uthsavam at Thiruppullani, Perumal alongwith Sridevi and Bhoodevi had a Manjal neeraatta purappadu after choornothsavam.

After Thiruveethi purappadu alangara thirumanjanam for Perumal, Sridevi and Bhoodevi was performed at the Temple. After satthumurai, engaL “annamaay nool payindraan” had a thiruveethi purappadu on Anna (Hamsa) vahanam. Enjoy the visual feast below.

On the evening of Day 8, Vedupari utsavam took place. After the vettai, Perumal had a thirukkan at munsiff house.
And what is the special about this munsif thirukkan? In the days of Rajahs the village headman, popularly known as munsiff, was all powerful and controller of the village and his word had to be strictly obeyed by the villagers. So, the erstwhile Sethupathis, who receive the honours every day before anybody is honoured, decided to honour the village Munsiff also during one day of the Brummothsavam. On all days Perumal used to go round the car streets only. On this 8th day alone, Sethupathis made an arrangement that Perumal, after vedupari , must return to the temple after visiting that small lane and accept the thirukkan mariyathai offered by the munsiff.

Perumal used to stay for more than half an hour before the munsiff’s house accepting all the offerings and the kainkaryaparals are honoured in reciprocation by the munsiff. The Raja mariyathai will take just five minutes during thiruveethi purappadu, Perumal will be in front of the houses of village residents just for a minute or two. But in front of the Munsiff’s house, He will be for more than half-an-hour. Now the village munsiffs have gone by a single stroke of the Government but that order has nothing to do with this arrangement of the Sethupathi. The Lord loves it and hence it is continued by the heirs of the village munsiff. A few photos of Vedupari uthsavam and the Munsiff thirukkan are attached. Also the last photograph is that of┬áthe newly built “Sri Malola Bhavanam” (within 100 feet from Munsiff’s house).

Day 7

Hamsa Vahanam




Day 8




Courtesy:Sri Raguveeradayal swami

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