Thirupullani Panguni Brahmotsavam, Kudhirai Vahanam and Rathotsavam


As part of the ongoing Panguni Brahmotsavam at Thirupullani, Kudhirai vahanam took place on this 8th day night (April 4, 2012). Perumal had thiruveethi purappadu on kudhirai vahanam when Thirumangai azhwar surrendered to the Lord and the temple accountant recited the kattu pattayam (Here it is the hereditory right of the vellala pillai who serve as temple accountants by paramparai). Afterwards, Ther kadaksham by Perumal was done before Perumal returned to the temple.

Day 8

Rathotsavam  (Thiru Ther utsavam) took place on April 5, 2012 beginning 10 am with SriMahendran, Diwan, Ramanathapuram Samasthanam pulling the Vadam. As in the last yrar, this year also Perumal reached the Thiru Ther nilai sharply by 11 am. The following are some of the photographs and related video…

Day 9

Courtesy: Sri T. Raghuveeradayal Swami

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