Thiruvallikeni Brahmotsavam Day 3 and 4


As of the ongoing Brahomotsavam at Thiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathy Thirukkoil, on the evening the third day of utsvam (May 6, 2012), perumal gave sevai on Hamsa Vahanam. Hamsam is a legendary bird. This one of the heaviest vahanams at Thiruvallikkeni and it will weigh heavily for the ‘Sri Padam Thangis’.

Today is Day 4 of the utsavam and perumal gave Surya Prabhai sevai in the morning representing the Sun chariot pulled by 7 horses. Although it appeared as though it would rain heavily this morning, eventually it did not.

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The following are some of the photographs taken during Day 3 and 4.

Day 3 evening – Hamsa Vahanam


Day 4 morning – Surya Prabhai 

Courtesy: Sri S. Sampathkumar Swami

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