Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 56


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Sri Emperumanar - Kiranganur, Karnataka


முன்பு ஒரு காலகட்டத்தில், மிகுந்த செல்வம் உள்ளதால் அரசன் என்று இல்லாமல், இயல்பிலேயே க்ஷத்ரியர்களாக உள்ளதால் அரசர்கள் என்று கூறிக் கொள்பவர்களை இருபத்து ஒரு தலைமுறை, தனது கோடாரி கொண்டு வதைத்த பரசுராமனை எம்பெருமானார் போற்றி நின்றார். இப்படிப்பட்ட தூய்மையான எம்பெருமானாரின் புகழ் இந்த உலகம் முழுவதும் பரவி நிற்கிறது. இத்தகைய எம்பெருமானாரை அண்டிய பின்னர், இனி வரும் காலங்களில், எனது மனம் வேறு எதனையும் நாடாது; எனது வாக்கு அவரது புகழ் அல்லாமல் எதனையும் கூறாது.

In as much as PoorNaavathAram of the Lord is revered, the Amsa or AvEsha avathAram is also to be equally considered. 21 generations, He as Lord ParasurAma destroyed the kshathriyas due to their ahankaara, mama kaaram [I and mine]. He has an axe in His Hand the axe signifies that He is the Parathvam and He owns the worlds and rules the world. None shall have ahankara, mamakara that it belongs to them. He destroyed their ahankaram and mamakarams; Being involved in such glorious avathAram and its inner message, similarly Ramanuja taking the cue from Lord Parasurama, preached to destroy our ahanakara mama kara and conquer Samsaaric afflictions.


Emperumaanaar – Sri Ramanujacharya praises devotedly Sri ParasurAmamuni, who had appeared to destroy the 21 generations of Kshathriya enemies with His sharp plough. He (Sri Ramanuja) has got the best quality to even correct the persons of lowly nature (like me) the dirty minds to become one pure hearts. Parama pAvanar, having been blessed so and joined Sri Ramanuja Group, I shall never ever talk anything else except about Sri Ramanuja. My mind shall never ever think of anything else.

oru koor mazhuvaal– with the help of only peerless sharp axe

moo yezhukaal– 21 times

kOkulam mannarai– the kshatriya kula kings


dEvanai– SarvEshwaran Sarva Swami

pORRum punidhan– always worshipped, meditated, praised by the pristinely Pure

bhuvanam engum aakkiya keertthi Iraamanusanai– Iraamaanusan- who shined with fame and popularity across the world everywhere

adaindha pin– after taking refuge at the feet of Ramanuja

maRRonRai– there is nothing else

en vaakku uraiyaadhu– My mouth will not utter

en manam ini ninaiyaadhu– my mind will not think. .

What is it that we learn from this verse? Our mouth should not utter anything or anyone else but Sriman Narayanan and His glories. Our minds should not think of anything or anyone else. If that happens it is not correct. Amudhannar says: I am clear. My mind and vaak will not go after anything else except Ramanuja and His Lord Sriman Narayanan. He takes Parasurama avathAram here for reference because even if it is His aavEsha avathAram and he destroys the khsathriya kulam 21 times, there is a message and we should look into that and NOT simply consider some lame excuse to seek idhara devathas and devathantharams. At all times, never ever consider others as Paradevatha. All His avathArams have a purpose and mission which is unique.

Extract from Sri Dileepan Swami’s posting: [as read from Sri Ramadesikachariar’s commentary from Dasavathara stothra]

Parasuraama avadhaaram maRRa avadhaarangaLaip pOnRadhanRu. siRandha Or andhaNaridam emperumaan than sakthi mudhaliyavaRRaip pugach seydhu pala athisayach seyalgaLaich seyviththaan….

Parasuramar’s avadhaaram is different from the other avathaarams. Our Lord empowered an outstanding brahmin and performed many spectacular deeds. Therefore, unlike other avathaarams, Parasurama avathaaram is not a direct avathaaram of our Lord.

[Extracted from Sri N Krishnamachariar swami’s translations]: Reference in VishNu sahasranamam khaNDa paraSuh- the nAma in terms of the paraSurAma incarnation – where, as Jamadagni’s son, He punished His foes. Alternatively, it is suggested that the nAma can be taken as a-khaNDa paraSuh, He who wields an invincible axe – the nAma being given as a-kahaNDA-paraSuh in this case. Another reference is to tiruvAimozhi 6. 2. 10: ninRila’ngu muDiyinAi irupattOr kAl araSu kaLai kaTTa venRi nIr mazhuvA.

Oh Valorous One, The One who has the kireetam (crown) on Your Head most victoriously! You took ParasurAma avataar and angrily destroyed the KshatriyAs! The Creator of the BhUlOkA! Even during this day, You wished to save the cowherd group and appeared as KrishNA! Oh Black Emerald stone! We are now suffering due to Your deceitful talks and foul plays. (Even when You come, we suffer because of Your mischief; When You don’t come also, we suffer].



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