Utsavam photos from Bindiganavile Shri Vainatheya temple


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Two major events took place at Bindiganavile Shri Prasanna Channakeshava, Sri Sowmyanayaki, Sri Vainatheya and Sri Anjaneya Temple during the ensueing week.  The details of the same are as below :

Friday the 18th May 2012

Sthirabimba and Charabimba of Lord Dhanvanthri Prathishtapana Mahothsava (Consecration Ceremony).  The event included Thirumanjana, Homa, Poornahuthi, Veda Prabandha Parayana, Prana Prathishtapana, Prakarothsava, Mahamangalarathi, Shattumurai and Prasada Viniyoga.

Sunday the 20th May 2012

Annual Shri Vainatheya Sahasranama Homa and Thulasi Laksharchane.  The event included Thirumanjanam to Moolavars, Veda Prabandha Parayana, Thulasi Laksharchane byDevotees & Sahasranama Homa, Prakarothsava, Thulasi Samarpane to Moolavar Vainatheyar, Mahamangalarathi, Shattumurai and Theertha Prasada Viniyoga.

More news about Bindiganavile temple can be read from: http://anudinam.org/2012/04/03/bindiganavile-shri-vainatheya/

Some of the photos taken during the utsavam can be seen below:



Click on the images below to view it as a slide show

Photos Thanks to: Raghavan KV

About Temple:

Bindiganavile Shri Vainatheya Bhaktha Mandali, Bangalore. was formed by the Devotees who owe alligence (family deity / place of origin) to Bindiganavile Shri Vainatheya, about 40 years ago.

Bindiganavile is a tiny hamlet in Nagamangala Taluk of Mandya District in Karnataka.  The place is about 125 KMs from Bangalore (on Bangalore Mangalore Highway NH 48) and 100 KMs from Mysore.  The hamlet can be reached in less than two and half hours from both the places.  The Shrivaishnavite Temple which exists in the village is about thousand year old.  The Presiding Deities of the Temple are Shri Prasanna Channakesava (Moolavar Perumal), Shri Sowmyanayaki (Moolavar Tayaar) Shri Vainatheyar and Shri Anjaneyar (Moolavars – together).  The Perumal and Tayaar are Stone Statues whereas the Periya Tiruvadi and Shiriya Tiruvadi are of Sandal Wood.
The salient features of the Temple are : First one is ”Lord Vainatheyar who is in Archa Form (Archamurthi).  Though Lord Kesavar is the Presiding Deity, it is Shri Vainatheyar who is worshiped as Family Deity.”  The Second one is ”Uthsavamurthi of Shri Vainatheyar – Kalyana Vainatheyar (Garudan) with Consorts Rudra and Sukeerti – which perhaps is only one of its kind.”  The Third one is “installation of Moolamurthis and Uthsavamurthis of all Alwars and Acharyas at one place.”  The Pooja Rituals, Utsavas, Alwar Acharya Tirunaksatrams and Samvathsarothsava are performed very religiously and regularly as per Paancharathra Agama Sastra.  Throughout the year, Devotees visit the Temple and worship the Lord.
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