Azhwar Thirunagari Vaikasi Utsavam Commenced


AzhwarThirunagari Vaikasi Utsavam 2012 commenced on May 23, 2012 and will conclude on June 8, 2012. Details of the utsavam can be read from:

The special event of the utsavam is on the 8th day of utsavam, where Swamy Nammazhwar will be going to his avatharasthalam (thirumalaigai) which is placed in Appan Koil near by Azhwar Thirunagiri.

Speciality of Sri Appan Koil:

Appan Koil @ Thiruvengadaththappan Koil  is the capital of Thiruvazhuthi Valanadu . the ruling samrat of Swamy Karimara piran (father of Sri Nammazhwar) , after Swamy Nammazhwar getting moksham sri Karimarapiran and Udayanangai thayar enterd into the lotus feet of Thiruvengadaththappan, from the day onwards the perumal who is in the Appan Koil is called as Appan as a short, because this perumal is considerd as Azhwar’s parents. So each and every year 8th day of avathara utsavam Azhwar comes to this stalam for getting blessing from parents and Azhwar undergoes thirumanjanam, and showing his thavazhntha thirukolam to his parents. So this utsavam is one of the very precious and special event of Azhwar’s avathara utsavam .

News Source: Thiruthangal Komandoor Ellayavilli  V.Thirumalai dasan

Utsavam details of Sri Azhwar Thirunagari Sri Nammalwar Avathara Sthalam can be found below:

  • 25-05-2012 – Sri Nammalwar Dwajarohanam
  • 29-05-2012 – Nava Garuda Sevai ( 9 Garuda Seva )
  • 31-05-2012 – Serthi Thirumanjanam
  • 02-06-2012 – Sri Azhwar Thiruther
  • 03-06-2012 – Theerthavari Satrumurai

Photos from previous Years:

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