Kanchi Brahmothsavam – Hamsa Vahanam


Very early in the second day morning of the Brahmotsavam – 1st of June 2012,  Devathirajan left the Vaha mandapam on the Hamsa Vahanam.

Earlier Day utsavam photos and details available at: http://anudinam.org/2012/05/31/kanchi-sri-perarulalan-brahmotsavam-commences-today/

Coming back to today’s events. Devathirajan literally flew in the Hansa Vahanam today morning and was in full control. Let me elaborate, the shear speed Devathirajan made the sri padam thangies move is second only to his Garuda Vahanam (which is scheduled for tomorrow morning). When I mentioned about control, I meant it literally, watch the pictures closely and you would notice that our Devathirajan has got the lagan (reins) of the Hamsam in his left hand.

I would not do justice to Hamsa Vahanam if I don’t mention about Perumal’s Thiruvadi. In this vahanam, perumal is seen wearing a decorative joothi. He is dressed as a warrior, as he fought on back of hamsam to retrieve the Vedas. Was it not these feet that walked with the Jagat Acharyan all the way from the Vindya mountains to Kanchipuram in one night.

Some of the Photos taken few hours before:


















Thanks to:

Text source: Shri Kousik Sarathy

Photos Source: Shri Kesava Bashyam


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