Kanchi Brahmothsavam – Sri Perarulalan Thiruther Uthsavam


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On seventh day of the Brahmotsavam, today morning, 6th of June 2012, Varadar came round the main streets of Kanchipuram in the Thiruther.
As per shastharam, perumal should climb on to ther thattu within the same muhurtham of him leaving is asthanam. The ther is parked / stationed very close to the temple, in all the temple so this is condition / clause is not an issue or concern. However, in our kovil the ther is stationed about 3 kilometers from the temple.

Perarulalan left the kannadi aria at three in the morning and came to vahana mandapam. Once the alankaram for his purappadu was complete, he left the vahana mandapam at 03:30. Forget the speed of express train or even the speed of bullet train, you need to define the term speed on the speed at which our Perarulalan proceeds towards the ther. Perarulalan once he leaves the vahana mandapam would stop only when he reached the Hanumar kovil next to the ther. He doesn’t even stop for mounting the kodai or for rest to the sripadam thangies. It is a wonderful sight to watch how the huge kodais are mounted when our Perarulalan is running at this great speed. Even this year he covered the distance of about 3 kilometers in 15 minutes. Hanumar kovil after having upkarams like vastharam and pushpam and mariyadai including ghosti he got on the ther thattu before 4:30.

Thanks to thousands of devotees our Perarulalan finished his thiru veedi ulla and came back to Hanumar kovil.

As per our shastharam, when ever we go out we need to cleanse ourselves before we enter our house. In the same way Perarulalan when he gets down from ther, he proceeds to a mandapam near the Hanumar kovil, where he has his thirumanjanam. After the thirumanjanam, he has his unjal.

The thirumudi alankaram is known as red sikkuthadai, this type of alankaram is quite unique for Perarulalan, and this alankaram is done during all his adventurous trips.

Text writeup- Thanks to Shri Kousik Sarathy, Photos thanks to Shri Kesava Bhasyam

Some of the photos taken early this morning (June 6th 2012) can be viewed below:

Click on the first image to view it as a slide show

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