Kanchi Brahmothsavam – Vetti Ver Chapparam – Dwaja Avarohanam


Kanchi Brahotsavam updates – 9th and 10th June 2012

Dwadhasa Arathanam

In all the days during Brahmotsavam, Perarulalan had to leave the kannadi arai early in the morning by 3:00, some occasions even early, to get ready in appropriate alankaram as per the days purappadu. Dwadhasa arathanam is performed, on the last day of Brahmotsavam in the morning, to remove any ThiruvaArathana lobham during the utsavam.
In brief ThiruvaArathanam is performed 12 times. During the 12th ThiruvaArathanam pushpa yagam is performed. During Dwadhasa arathanam, Vedaparayanam is followed by rendering of Thiruvaimozhi. The event is concluded by Veda parayana sathumarai and Thiruvaimozhi sathumarai in melodious tunes to Perarulalan’s pleasure.
Vettiver Chapparam

In the evening, on the tenth day of Brahmotsavam, Perarulalan is decked in Thanga Thiru abishekam and gets on the Vettiver Chapparam. The chapparam is decked with Vettiver and is beautifully decorated with flowers which is treat to our senses. In this purappadu our Perarulalan does not go till Gangai kondan mandapam but just comes round the temple only.
Dwaja Avarohanam

Once our Varadar is back in the temple after Vettiver purappadu, He proceeds to dwajasthambham to oversee Dwajaavarohanam followed by Vedai sathithal. During Dwaja avarohanam the garudan flag that was hoisted on the first day of the Brahmotsavam is lowered. The lowered flag is placed on Perarulalan’s Thiruvadi.Next event is Vedai Sathithal, in which all the devathaas are informed about the conclusion of the Brahmotsavam and are thanked for their presence and are seen off. Then Perarulalan reaches Vahana mandapam. Here he get off the chapparam and removes all the maalai’s and abharnams. He now wears a new vastharam and has only Thirumaal Nachiyar, yagnopaveetham and a very simple chain.

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