Agre PashyAmi by Shri Dushyanth Sridhar


Agre PashyAmi is a SangIta UpanyAsam (musical discourse) in Tamizh which is an exposition of NArAyana Bhattadri’s magnum opus called Sriman NArAyanEyam, has been released this week. Through the discourse, the speaker narrates the history of GuruvAyoor and the varied experiences of revered poets and philosophers with this beautiful temple in Kerala. The devotion of Bhattadri towards Krishna has been discussed in detail along with the recital of relevant hymns. Agre PashyAmi is the last Dashakam of this work. In this decade, the poet describes the lord from head to toe i.e. KeshAdi PAdam in a manner that finds no match till date. Moreover listening to a discourse on this topic is known to bestow the listener with robust health and uninterrupted devotion.

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Sri.U.Ve. Dushyanth Sridhar is a young speaker on the religious texts of SanAtana Dharma viz. RAmAyanam, MahAbhAratam, BhAgavatam and Divya Prabandham. He is trained in the necessary SriVaishnavite texts by revered preceptors and has been duly acclaimed by them for his oratory skills. He quotes diligently and generously from poets, philosophers and dramatists of the early, medieval and modern periods across languages. AzhwAr’s verses, RAmAnujA’s philosophy and DesikA’s works remain close to his heart. Also found profoundly in his discourses is timely humour, relevant examples and pleasing music. He talks in public forums across the country and in TV Channels on the above topics. He is an alumnus of BITS, Pilani and currently works in Mumbai for a leading consultancy services firm.


Smt. Shanta Balasubramaniam (Violin), Smt. Mahalakshmi Ravi (Flute)
Sri. Dakshinamurthy Pillai (Ganjira)
Sponsor Courtesy : CRC trust (V.R.Srinivasan, V.R.Desikan)
Photo Courtesy : Sri. R.Keshav (of ‘The Hindu’)

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