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Aminjikarai Sri Prasanna Varadar Brahmotsavam

Brahmotsavam at Sri Prasanna Varadar temple in Aminjikarai, Chennai took place in a grand manner between 30th of May and 9th of June 2012.

For the patrigai and details about the temple, please visit http://anudinam.org/2012/05/29/aminjikarai-prasanna-varadar-utsavam/

The following are the photographs taken during the Brahmotsavam…

Day 1 (Dwajarohanam)

Day 2 (Surya Prabhai)

Day 3 (Garuda Vahanam, Ekantha Sevai and Hanumantha Vahanam)

Day 4 (Yali Vahanam, Perumal & Nammazhwar Thirumanjanam and Sesha Vahanam)

Day 5 (Nachiyar Thirukolam and Hamsa Vahanam)

Day 6 (Venugopala Sevai and Yanai Vahanam)

Day 7 (Thiruther and Mandapa Thirumanjanam)

Day 8 (Vennai Thazhi, Thirupathamjadi Thirumanjanam and Kudhirai Vahanam)

Day 9 (Porvai Kalaithal, Thirumanjanam and Pushpa Pallakku)

Day 10 (Dwajavarohanam and Archagar Mariyadhai)

Courtesy: Sri Sundar Rajan


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