AdiKesava Perumal Temple, Sriperumbudur


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The temple was built by Bhoota ganas of shiva.

Avathara Sthalam of Swami Ramanujar.

The utsava vigraham of Ramanujar’s thirumanjana thirtam is said to cure many skin disease and many incurable diseases.

On the way to Kanchipuram one can see a huge arch with an inscription “Bhagavat Ramanujar Avatharitha Sriperumbudur” i.e. Birthplace of Srimad Ramanuja

Sriperumbudur which is located on the Chennai – Bangalore Highway (NH 4) about 40 Kilometers South-West of Chennai. This is the birth place of Saint Ramanuja, great Philosopher of Vaishnavism. The town hosts Sri Adi Kesava Perumal Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu in the standing posture here is known as Sri Adhikesava Perumal with his consorts Shreedevi and Bhoodevi bestows his abundant grace on his devotees. The divine mother [Thayar] is known as “Sri Yatirajanathavalli Thayar” meaning she is the consort of the master to Yathiraja i.e. Ramanuja. This is the only temple where Goddess Lakshmi has a name attributed to a devotee of the Lord. She is a varaprasadi who grants all wishes.

The temple is in the south Indian style of temple architecture with feature of both Chola and Vijayanagara periods.

Legends of the temple:

The Boodha Ganas – an army-like division of Lord Shiva’s empire – approached Lord Vishnu for relief from a curse spelt on them by Lord Shiva.  Lord Vishnu created a spring here through a his divine serpent Ananha (Anantha Saras Theertham), gave darshan to the Bhoodas from its bank and relieved them of the curse.  As a token of their gratitude, the Bhoodha Ganas erected this temple for Lord Vishnu.  Hence, the place is called Bhoodhapuri.  The Lord is named Adikesava Perumal.

According to another legend, Haritha Maharaja , he was the grandson of King Ambareesha was on a hunting expedition, when he spotted a tiger attacking a cow. In order to save the cow, he killed the tiger, but the cow also died in the process. He was grief-stricken and then a heavenly voice, asked him to go to Sriperumbudur, bathe in ‘Anantha Saras’ and then pray to Lord Narayana who would forgive his sins. The King dutifully obeyed the instructions. Then Lord appeared before him and told all these years you were Kshtriya and due to my blessings now you will become Brahmin and henceforth your descendants also will become Brahmin (even today his decedents are from his Gothra and they are known as Haritha  Gothra). Then Haritha Maharaja rebuilds the Adhi Kesava temple and does concretion of the temple on a auspicious day, then he hears the Divine voice ( asareeri) that in near future great Soul will be born in your Vamsa ( Descendant) who will lead the world to greater height of Gyana and Bhakti , and that Great Soul is none other than our Beloved Udayavar.

Swami Ramanujar Avathara Sthalam

Then in year CE 1017 On a Thursday, in the Tamil Month of Chitrai, Sukla Paksha panchami, in the constellation of Aridra (Thiruvadurai)   Asuri Keshavachar and Kandhimathi were blessed with the Child and  was named as Ramanuja. He was later given the title of Bhashyakar , Emperumanar , Elayai Alwan, Yathirajar, Udayavar etc.

There is a mandap in front of the temple where Sri Ramanuja was born.  During the 10 day Chithirai festival during April-May, Acharya graces from this mandap.  On His birth star day, he is placed in a cradle as a child and fed with milk in a conch.  During this festival, the Parivattam – a turban linen – is brought from 36 Vaishnava shrines-Divya Desas – as a courtesy to the Acharya.

He toured the length and breadth of Bhartha Desha to preach the  Vishistadwaita. Then Just  few days before leaving the mortal coil and going to Vaikunta, His Disciple Mudhaliandan’s Son Kanthadai Annan got a Archa Vigraham of Ramanuja and presented before him, then Swami hugged the Moorthy and transferred all his power to it, then Udayavar instructed to the Prathistai of this Vigraham  on Tamil Month Thai on Constellation of Pushya Star at Sriperumpudur, This Vigraham is what we see in Sriperumpudur and it is known as Than Uganda Thirumeni. Ramanujar’s Vigraha, Divine archa-vigraha made of 5 metals including gold, silver, bronze, copper and iron.

The Specialty of this Temple and Vigraham is  Eravadai Theertham . Here they do Thirumanjanam to Lord Ramanuja daily then after the Thirumanjanam the cloth which Lord is wearing is squeezed and and collected in Vatil and given as Prasadam to Bhakathas, it it said it capable of curing Skin diseases, Beget progeny for Issueless couples , and also cures many other ailments like cancer etc. If you take bath in Ananthah Sarasu you will get rid of Rahu Kethu Dosham , Also you can light Ghee lamp. Every Thiruvadurai Star people come in large number and witness the Milk Thirumanjanam get the blessings of Udayavar.

The temple doesnt have a swarga vasal since is is believed that praying to Swami Ramanuja is the way to vaikuntam.


List of Usthavams 

Tamil Month

 Name of Usthavam

Chitrai ( April-May)  Bhashyakar Avathara  Usthavam for – 10 days
Chitrai ( April-May) Adhi Keshava Perumal’s Usthavam for 10 days
Vaikasi ( May – June) Adhi Keshava Perumal’s Vasantha Usthavam
Aani ( June – July ) JeshtAbhishekam
Aadi July – August) Andal Usthavam
Avani ( August – September) Perumal’s Pavithra Usthavam)
Navarathri Usthavam
Aipasi Manavala Mamunigal – 10 days Usthavam
Dhannur Dhannur Masa Usthavam
Thai Koorath Alwar Usthavam
Panguni Rama Navami

Other sannadhis:

Sri Ramar, Sri Andal , Swami Manavala Mamunigal

 Quick Facts:

Perumal’s  Name/s

Sri Adhi Keshava Perumal with Sri And Bhoo Devi , East facing (standing position)

Thayar’s Name/s

Yathirajanatha Valli Thayar (in sitting position)


Ananthah Sarasu, Bhashyakar Eri


Haritha Maharishi , Bhootha Ganams, Shivan, etc
        Uniqueness Avathara Sthalam of Bhagavath Ramanuja


Route : Sriperumpudur it is 40 kms from  Chennai and 35 Kms from Kanchipuram, Easily reachable by road from Chennai

Temple timings : The temple is open from 6.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Contact : Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple, Sriperumbudur-602 105, Kancheepuram district.Tamilnadu.Phone:  044 2716 2236.


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