Updated – Book Release – Devanayaka Varivasya by Setlur Paiyambadi Sri U.Ve. Srivatsangachar Swami


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Devanayaka Panchasat –  Sri Sookthi by Swamy VedAntha Desikan is about ThiruvahIndrapuram Dhivya dEsam Emperuman, Lord Devanathan. The name for this stotra is based on the fifty SlOkams (there are actually 53 that this sthotra contains) in praise of Lord Devanathan. SrI Devanathan is also known as “Adiyavarkku Meyyan, Achyuthan, MoovaAgiya Oruvan”. His Divine Consort is HemAbhjavalli.

Swamy Desikan was deeply devoted to Lord Devanathan. Swamy Desikan spent more than four decades in the service of Lord DevanAthan and Lord HayagrIvan, becoming in the process a KavitArkika Simham-lion among poets and logicians. Here, Swamy Desikan composed many important SrI Sookthis in adoration of the matchless beauty and infinite kalyANa guNams of Lord DevanAthan. We can still find the TirumALigai where SwAmy Desikan lived, and the well constructed with his own hands.

In this sthotram, for the most part (30 of the 53 SlOkams) Swamy Desikan describes his thoughts as he meditates on the various parts of bhagavAn’s tirumeni, starting from His kirITam all the way down to His Sacred Feet. In the last 8 SlOkams, he performs SaraNAgati to DevanAyaka PerumaL, and indicates the greatness of Prapatthi over bhakti as the fail-proof mArgam for gaining the boon to perform nitya-kaimkaryam to Him in this world and ever after.

For this wonderful work of Swami Desikan, equally beautiful commentary in Tamil is written by President Awardee, Abhinava Patanjali, Paiyambdi Chettlore V.Srivatsankacharya Swamy , by name “Devanayaka Varivasya“.  He brought out almost all in the mind of Swami Desikan. This vyakyana was published 30 years back. As per the wishes of some asthikas this is being  once again brought out by Amlanasri Publications. The Amlanasri Publications have published many such works. It is proud in adding one more feather to its crown by releasing the above book on 29-06-2012.

  • Date: 29-06-2012   FRIDAY
  • TIME: 5-30 P.M TO 7-30 P.M
  • CONTACT NO: 044-222 44 640,   91765 33500, 91715 33536
 Many Vidwans have given their consent to grace the occasion and are going to deliver the greatness of Deyvanayaka as explained the commentary. Amlanasri Publications welcomes all of you to participate an get the blessings of Lord Devanatha and HemambujaNayaki.
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