Sri Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai Thirunakshatram


Today 29/06/12 is varusha thirunakshatram of Sri Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai.

Sri Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai (1167-1264 AD)  , disciple of Sri Nampillai was born in auspicious day of Sarvajit , aani maasam  swathi nakshatram at SriRangam. He was the author of the Eedu Vyaakhyaanam, the famed commentary on Nammaazhvaar’s Thiruvaaymozhi written at the dictation of his Archaryan, Nampillai (Lokacharya).

Sri Vadakku ThiruVeedhi Pillai comes in the lineage of the Srivatsa Gotram mudumbai nambi (sister’s husband of swami ramanujar), one of the 74 simhasanaadhipathis instituted by Sri Ramanuja himself.



Several  Srivaishnavas  admiring  the  great  traits  of Sri  Nampillai  were  attracted  towards him as bees to the flowers and bats to the fruits and became his ardent disciples. Among them 1). Periya Vaachchan Pillai, 2). Vadakku Tiruveedhi Pillai, 3). Pinbazhagiya Perumal Jeeyar 4).Eyunni Madhava Perumal etc. were the foremost.

Sri  Nampillai  commanded  his  dearest  disciple  Sri  Periyavachchan  pillai who had learnt all Srivaishnava Sampradaya texts without an iota of doubt under  his  tutorship  to  write  a commentary  on  Tiruvaimozhi.  He  wrote  a  commentary called 24000 padi on par with the number of shlokas in Sri Ramayana (24000 verses).

The other dearest disciple  Sri Vadakku Thiruveedhi Pillai (who subsequently became the Srivaishnava  Sampradaya  leader)  listened  to  Sri  Nampillai’s  Tiruvaimozhi  kalakshepam during the day time and put everything to paper during the night.

The  popular  saying  at  that  time  was  that  Sri  Nampillai  had “Iru  Kannargal”  (two  eyes)  in  his  assembly  referring  to  these  two  pupils.

After completing  the  entire  commentary  on  1102  stanzas  of  Tiruvaimozhi,  he  submitted  the same to his revered Acharyan. Sri Pillai asked, “What is this?” “This manuscript contains your oral  commentary  on  Tiruvaimozhi  during  this  time”  humbly  replied  the  disciple.  Sri Nampillai went through the commentary. It was neither very brief nor very elaborate and was so charming even as a well decorated elephant (elephant itself is very pretty to look at, so is the Tiruvaimozhi text. If the elephant after bathing is well decked with ornaments and silken clothes, it is sure to be more attractive, so also is the commentary). Sri Pillai became immensely pleased at this super commentary 36000 padi which was in the order of Suta Prakashika, the super commentary on Sri Bhashya of Sri Ramanuja. Staring at his pupil,  Sri  Nampillai  applauded  him  and kept it under his custody.

His commentary is known as the mupattiyArAyirappadi (36,000 granthAs ) or eedu (the equivalent to the original prabhandham of NammAzhwAr ) . It was also named eedu because it stimulates our eedupaadu with Thiruvaimozhi

Eyunni  Madhava  Perumal  who  was  an  eyewitness  to  this  happening  entreated Namperumal (the utsava murthy at SriRangam) by going round in circumambulation and prostrating  before  Him  several  times.  One  day  Sri  Namperumal  asked  him  through  the temple  priest,  “Why  do  you  pressurize  me  like  this by  your  worship?”.  He  too  made  a humble  submission  “There  is  a  very  entertaining  and  educative  commentary  on Tiruvaimozhi, styled “Edu Muppatharayirappadi” in the possession of Sri Nampillai. Your supreme  self  should  order  him  to  give  it  to  me  mercifully”.  Sri  Namperumal  too  kindly consented  to  do  so.  One  day  Sri  Nampillai  went  to  the  temple  to  worship  Him.  Sri Namperumal  honoured  him  with  presents  like  Thirtham,  prasadam,  pariyattam  and  Sri Satakopan  and  through  the  priest  commanded  him  to  hand  over  the  super  commentary, Edu to his disciple Sri Eyunni Madhava Perumal. Sri Pillai too received this order with his bent head as a very rare and rich gift. He came back to his mansion and handed over Edu to his devoted disciple Sri Madhava Perumal. And Sri Madhava  passed this great treasure to his descendents  and thus passed to thiruvAimozhi pillai who in turn gave to sri manavala maamunigal. Sri manavaala maamunigal present this Edu kalakshepam  in front of Namperumal at srirangam periya mandapam as order by Sri Ranganathar.

Sri Vadakku Thiruveedhi pillai’s sons Swami Pillailokachariar and Sri Azhagiya Manavala Nayanar were great Acharyas.

As  birth of his elder son was through the blessings of  SriNampillai (Lokacharya), the baby was named Lokacharya Pillai, later transposed to Pillai Lokacharya. The second son, Azhagiya MaNavaaLa PerumaaL Naayanaar, was born to the couple at the blessing of Azhagiya MaNavaaLan, Sri Ranganaatha PerumaaL Himself. Swami Pillailokachariar was gifted with a great foresight and was the author of many rahasya granthas like mukumshupadi. He also laid the emphasis on Saranagathi. Azhagiya MaNavALa perumAL nAyaNAr works include – AchArya Hridayam, vyAkhyAnams including 6,000 Padi of TiruppAvai, AmalanAadhiPiraan, Kanni nunSiruthAmbhu, PattOlai Rahasyam etc.


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