AdhiSehanum Jyothishamum


This Article Adhisehanum-Jyothisham is written by Sri U.Ve.Vidwan Melma Narasimhathatacharyar Swami of Triuvallikeni.

The below article is about how adiseshan came to earth in different form to give us different books for manassudhi, vaaksuddhi , dehasudhi and finally as Swami Ramanuja to lift the people from samsaram to lord’s feet. Similarly adiseshan has given us a book on astrology(jyotidam) which was not know now, but its reference can be found through Thirumazhisai azhwar’s nanmugan thivandadhi 63rd pasuram and later in swami desikan’s stotra ratnam 39th slokam. We feel blissful by knowing these efforts of Sri Aadhi Seshan’s to lift the lives of world.

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