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Kanchi Samprokshanam – Angurarpanam and Prokshanam

As a part of ongoing events before Mahasamprokshanam of Kanchi Devaperumal Temple, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow 5th July 2012, between 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon, for past 4 days Angurarpanam, Prokshanam and various other events had been conducted.

Sri Perundevi Thayar Sannidhi, KalyanaKoti Swarna Vimanam, East and West Rajagopuram, Thondaradipodi azhwar Sannidhi, Azhagiyasingar Sannidhi, Chakarathazhwar sannidhi gopurams are the ones renovated recently. More details of Samprokshanam at: http://anudinam.org/2012/06/24/mahasamprokshanam-at-kanchi-devaperumal-temple-on-5th-july/

Some of the photos taken yesterday can be viewed below, click on the first image to view it as a slide show

Photos: Thanks to Shri Kesava Bhasyam

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  1. Ir really hats of to you the way in which you are sending the photos of various places. It is a gift for me to have friends like u. Thank you. God bless u.

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