Ramanuja Nutranthathi – 103


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"pon aagam kizhitthavan"


மனிதர்கள் மட்டுமன்றி தேவர்களும் கண்டு நடுங்கும்படி பயங்கரமாகவும், உக்கிரமாகவும், சீற்றத்துடனும், நெருப்பு உமிழ்கின்ற மூன்று கண்களுடனும், உதட்டிற்கு மேலே எழுந்த நாக்குடனும், மேலே சிங்கமாகவும், கீழே மனிதனாகவும், ஆகிய நரஸிம்ஹமாக வந்தான். எப்போது என்றால், ஹிரண்யன் தூணைத் தனது காலால் உதைத்தபோது இவ்விதம் வந்தான். தன்னை எதிர்த்த ஹிரண்யனுடைய ஸ்வர்ணம் போன்ற உடலைக் கூறிய தனது நகங்களால், ஆட்டின் குடலைப் போன்று மிகவும் எளிதாகக் கிழித்து எறிந்தான். இப்படிப்பட்ட எம்பெருமானின் புகழ் என்ற பயிர் ஓங்கி வளரவேண்டும் என்னும் சிந்தையுள்ளவர் எம்பெருமானார் ஆவார். இப்படிப்பட்ட எம்பெருமானார் எனது உடல் காரணமாக ஏற்படுகின்ற கர்ம துன்பங்களை நீக்கி, மிக உயர்ந்த ஞானத்தை எளிதாக உபதேசித்து அருளினார்.

The sense organs have turned to enjoy Ramanuja and it is due to the jnAnam that he has blessed us with. The enemies or hurdles for that jnANam are the karmic diseases that have been removed by such a jnAnam and his grace. In the dhyAnam of Ramanuja, it is equal thus to Narasimhan’s destruction of HiraNyakasipu effortlessly [as Ramanuja has destroyed the paapams].


In order to bless Bhaktha Prahalada, the Lord appeared as Narasimha and grew so ferociously with anger to destroy HiraNyakasipu. He tore open the chest of HiraNyakasipu effortlessly and killed him to save his prime disciple. This Narasinga moorthy’s glories are further growing in the fertile field of Paramcharya Ramanuja’s heart. The karma bandhams due to this sareera sambandham and the samsaaric sorrows thereby are removed by this most merciful Ramanuja who is ParamadhayALu. It is distinctly visible and crystal clear that his grace and the jnAnam [about jeevathmA and its eternal relationship to the Lord] that he has blessed me with is the reason for the removal of all my paapams. My love for him is the iota of what he has done to me so mercifully.

anRu– during that day- when Prahlada was troubled and tortured

vaLarndha–that grew due to the apacharam committed to his ardent devotee who had prayed for Him always

vemkOpam– with the terrific anger

madangal onRu aay-came out the most brilliant Narasimhan

vaaL avuNan– HiraNyakasipu with his sword and spear

kiLarndha– rose to fight

pon aagam– and his strong chest was

kizhitthavan– torn open with His [Narasimha’s] sharp nails- such greatest Narayanan’s

keertthi payir yezhundhu– the fields of His keertthi began to flourish

viLaindhidum– in the fertile place of

chinthai Ramanuja– the heart of ParamAcharya Ramanuja

enthan mey vinai nOi– the karmic diseases that linger in my sareeram

kaLaindhu– are removed from the roots

kaiyin kani ena– visibly blessed me

jnAnam aLitthanan– with paripoorNa jnAnam

EmperumAnAr always contemplates on the glories of the Lord in his heart and that is the fertile field where such glories of the Lord grow and thereby manifest everywhere. For the field to grow in the heart- the hurdles are: karmic diseases. The weeds that have grown around start to engulf the whole field and eat the same for the destruction. Thus the weeds are to be removed. BrahmajnAnam was not born and hence UpakOsala the sishya refused to eat when Acharya pathni asked him to eat.

bhahavO mE nAnAthyayA: kAmA: | vyADhibhi:
prathipoorNO(S)smi | nAhamSishyAmi…

kAmam, kRodham, etc are the reasons for the destruction –says Upanishad herein. Thus vishaya moham [desire after sensual pleasures] and the diseases arising out of them are integrated. Vishayam leads to visham [poison] for our destructio. Such samsaaric afflictions are removed from the jnAnam about the Jeevathma and its eternal relationship to the Lord as His eternal servant and being nithya niroopadhika ananhaarya sEshan and vivEkam [discrimination].

Such jnAnam is blessed to us and granted to us by the most merciful Acharya and his sadupadEsam. It is crystal clear that only such jnAnam is the reason for all the clarity and subsequent to performance of Prapatti at the lotus feet of acharyan.

Thus, like the heart of Prahalada, Ramanuja’s heart also had tremendous bhakti for Lord Sriman Narayanan and the glories of the Lord begin to grow in all others’ hearts as well thereby due to the grace of Ramanuja.



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