Karyasiddhi stuti – Paduka Sahasram – For the realization of all puruShArthas


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The individual slokams of Sri Ranganatha Paadhukha sahasram have well known powers of granting the desired boons . A paramaikAnthi may not wish to ask for boons from the Lord except dhruva smruthi (unceasing rememberance )about the Lord .
SamsAris have different kinds of worries and they seek the Lord’s blessings for different phalans . Our compassionate AchAryan, Swami Desikan inculcated therfore maanthric significance to specific slokAs for icchA poorthi of samsAris .

There are 32 different slokas for various phalans, and we will start present them each day along with the audio file in this section of Anudinam.

Japam procedure :

i) First you have to recite : 
shriimaan venkatanaathaaryaH kavitaarkikakesarii | vedantaacaaryavaryo me sannidhattaaM sadaa hR^idi || (for AchArya vandhanam).

ii) Next the following sankalpam has to be recited:
Sri SriranganAyikA samEtha SriranganAtha SvAmina:
anugrahENa mama chinthitha Kaarya siddhyartham
SriranganAtha Dhivya maNi PaadhukhA sahasra slOka
manthra japam aham karishyE :

Japam yathA sakthi.

iii) Recite the slokam

iv) Conclude with
Kavi Taarkika Simhaaya Kalyaana Guna Saaline |
Srimate Venkatesaaya Vedaanta Gurave Namah || (AchArya Vandhanam ) and say after, “SriranganAtha Dhivya MaNI PaadhukhAbhyAm nama :”
108 counts japam for 45 days are generally recommended. The phalan will be prathyaksham as experienced by our predecessors .

There are specific yanthrams for each day of the week for the ladies of the house to draw in PoojA graham prior to japam. Refer here for detailed list: http://anudinam.org/category/womens/


Slokam 1: For the realization of all puruShArthas

Santa: Sriranga PruthvIsha CharaNatrANasheKharA:
Jayanti BhuvanatrANa padapankaja rENava:

ஸந்த: ஸ்ரீரங்க ப்ருத்வீச சரணத்ராண சேகரா:
ஜயந்தி புவநத்ராண பதபங்கஜ ரேணவ:

Audio File below (2 files- Introduction and Slokam)

[wpaudio url=”http://www.mediafire.com/file/5yq7ropqkwl52yl/2569_Paduka_Sahasram_00_Munnurai.mp3″ text=”Paduka Introduction” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”http://www.mediafire.com/file/32kp93277ypihmf/2570_Paduka_Sahasram_00_Padhuka_Sahasram_Muthal_Slokam.mp3″ text=”Slokam 1″ dl=”0″]

Explanation of the Sloka:

பொருள் – ஸ்ரீரங்கநாச்சியாரின் நாயகனான ஸ்ரீரங்கநாதனின் மென்மையான திருவடிகளை எப்போதும் பாதுகாக்கும் அவனுடைய பாதுகைகளைச் சிலர் தங்கள் தலையின் மீது ஆபரணம் போன்று, அலங்காரமாக ஏற்கின்றனர். அப்போது, அனைத்து உலகங்களையும் காத்து நிற்கும், மென்மையான தாமரை போன்று சிவந்த திருவடிகளின் தூசிகள், அவர்களது தலையின் மீது படிகின்றன. இதன் காரணமாக அவர்கள் அனைத்திலும் வெற்றியுடன் உள்ளனர்.

விளக்கம் – இந்தச் ச்லோகத்தின் மூலம், நம்மாழ்வாரின் புகழை வெளிப்படுத்துகிறார். ஸ்ரீரங்கநாதனின் பாதுகை என்பது நம்மாழ்வாரையே குறிக்கும். ஆக, நம்மாழ்வாரைத் தங்கள் தலைக்கு மேல் வைத்துக் கொண்டாடுபவர்களுக்கு அனைத்திலும் வெற்றியே என்று கூறுகிறார்.

Great men bear on their heads, with a great relish, the Paaduka of Sri Ranganatha (the Lord’s Sataari=Nammazhvar). For this reason, they shine gloriously, the dust from their feet being potent enough to grant protection (and salvation, too) for all the worlds.

1.PrasthAva PaDdati : PrasthAva means Introductory or Commencement or Prologue . The First paDdathi takes its name as the Introductory chapter . This PaDdati has twenty slOkams . This PaDdati like all the others start with anushtup meter (first verse ) and ends with AryA meter (last verse) .In between are other poetic meters.

2.The word PaDdati literally stands for foot steps . Swami Desikan conceived this epic poem to recall the auspicious sounds of the 32 foot steps made by the holy sandals of Sri RanganAthA ,which are identical to Swami NammAzhwAr.

3.PrasthAva PaDdati is the first of the 32 steps . The number 32 has significance in our sampradhAyam ( 32 apachArams to be avoided in Bhagavadh AarAdhanam , 32 Brahma VidhyAs , 32 principles of Bhagavath RaamAnuja Darsanam ranging from Prithvi to the Lord ).

4. The Lord of Srirangam is saluted here as “Sriranga PRITHVEESAN” ,the integrated essence of all the 32 VaishNavite principles ( the twenty three starting from PRITHVEE to MAHATH and augmented by the remaining nine : (24)avyaktham/unmanifested, (25)aksharam/ Imperishable ,(26) Tamas ,(27) Kaalam ,(28) nithya vibhUthi (eternal splendor), (29)Dharma BhUtha Jn~Ana dravyam ( wealth of knowledge rooted in righteousnes), (30)Jeevan, (31) MahA Lakshmi and (32)Her divine consort , Sriman NaarAyaNan ) . From PrithvI to Isan are covered thru the salutation ” Sriranga PrithvIsan “.

The key words of this slOkam are : “santha: Jayanthi”. Santha: means great souls ; Such great souls triumph is the message of Swami Desikan here .

4.Why do they triumph ? They carry on their heads with bhakthi , the divine sandals that protect the sacred feet of Lord RanganaathA , the emperor of the Universe.That is why they triumph.Those divine sandals ( NammAzhwAr) serve as their SirOrathnam .

5.What is the significance of these great souls carrying the Lord’s divya PaadhukhAs on their heads ? The very fact that they carry the divine PaadhukhAs empower even the very dust from their feet to sanctify and protect the world from all inauspiciousness .

6.Inner meaning: Those great souls , who celebrate and revere NammAzhwAr attain sadhgathi and at the same time bless others taking refuge in them with Sakala purushArthams .

English Source Text: sundarasimham.com
Tamil Source Text: namperumal.com

Tomorrow’s Post: 2. For the improvement of eloquence…

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