Varagur Sri Venkatesa Perumal Thirukkoil Uriyadi Utsavam


The 11-day Uriyadi Utsavam is scheduled to take place at Sri Venkatesa Perumal Thirukkoil, Varagur,  from August 2 to 12, 2012.  The following is the detailed pathrigai for the utsavam…

Sthala Puranam

Varagur is a small village situated on the bank of the River Kudamurutti, tributary of river Cauvery. In this remote village, the Great Saint Narayana Theertha Swamigal who composed the famous Tharangini attained Deva Mukthi after he received the Viswaroopa Darshan of Lord Venkatesa Perumal.

Varagur, originally known as Bhoopathi Rajapuram, is a village in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu, in India. Known as “Heaven on Earth” (Bhoolaka Vaikuntam), it is over a thousand years old. Today, this fertile, beautiful village’s main street is a south bound street, beginning with a brook called Kathungalaaru (கதுங்கலாறு). As per archaelogical researchers, this vigraha moorthy was originally instituted as Sri Lakshmi Narayana by the Paranthaka Sozha King also known as Veera Narayanan.

Sri Narayana Theertha Swamigal came to Varagur from Andhra Pradesh, seeking Sri Venkatesa Perumal’s blessings. Since his visit, the village came to be known as Varahapuri (வராஹபுரி), which later came to be known as Varagur (வரகூர்).

More about Sri Venkatesa Perumal Thirukkoil

Lord Sri Lakshmi Narayana (Sri Venkatesa Perumal), is the prime vigraha moorthy in this Perumal kovil considered to be over 500 years old. The Lord has his consort, Sow. BhoomiDevi (Sridevi) in his left thigh, in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple.

The overall management of the temple activities is divided amongst five families. Several families also got responsibilities of conducting the various festivals and utsavams (including Sri Rama Navami, Avani Avittam, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Akshaya Thrithiyai etc,.). It is an attestation to the devotion of these families that even to this day, they continue the seva that they were given.

The fame and glory of Sri Venkatesa Perumal was known to the rest of the world in early 17-the century by Sri Narayana Theerthar. Sri Narayana Theerthar came to Varagur, by following a white pig (Varaha) where the Lord cured his acute stomach ache. Sri Narayana Theerthar then sang the Krishna Leela Tharangini.

It is said that Lord Venkatesa danced ain this temple to the tunes of the Krishna Leela Tharangini, when they were sung by Sri Narayana Theertha.

About Sri Narayana Theerthar

Narayana Theertha Swamigal was born in the village called Villathur of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. He adopted Sanyasam, incidentally, soon after his marriage. As a Sanyasi he undertook pilgrimage Tour, as per the advise of his Guru. While on pilgrimage he stayed at Tirupathi. During his Pilgrimage Tour he was suffering from severe stomach ache which was uncontrollable.

As per his Guru’s advise he came to Govindapuram to meet Bodendra Swamigal but he came to know that the Bodendra Swamigal attained Mukthi just a few months ago. After spending a few days in Govindapuram he again started his tour with uncontrollable stomach ache and visited many places in Cauvery Delta and reached Thiruvaiyaru. When he was touring a small village called Nadukkavery his stomach ache aggrevated and he slept in the existing Vinayaka Temple there. During his sound sleep Lord Krishna appeared in the dream and informed when you wake up in the morning you will see an animal and follow the same then your stomach ache will vanish. Accordingly, he saw a white pig appeared before him. Seeing a pig while wake up is not a good omen. Therefore, he hesitated to follow. However, as per the instruction of Lord Krishna, he followed the white pig about 4 KM and became tired. Suddenly, the white pig entered the nearby temple and disappeared. Once the pig disappeared Narayana Theertha Swamigal heard a voice “Akashvani” don’t search me. I only brought you here. By hearing the voice he enjoyed uncontrollable happiness and his stomach ache vanished. Since then this Village originally named as “Bhoopathirajapuram” henceforth called as “Varagur” because the Sanskrit name of Pig is Varaha.

During his life time period in this village he sung the famous Sanskrit songs “Tharangini” and while singing the Tharangini Lord Krishna with Rukmini and Radha dance immortally and the Salangai Oli heard by Narayana Theertha Swamigal. At last, he attained Deva Mukthi after receiving Viswaroopa Darshan in this village.

During his life, in this village, he used to celebrate “Krishna Astami” popularly known as Uriyadi. Even today the “Krishna Astami” festival being celebrated by the inhabitants of the village in the same traditional way which Great Saint Narayana Theertha Swamigal started during his later period of his life. The Festival starts on the next day of “Yajur Upakarma” i.e on “Gayathri Japam Day” and conclude on the 11th day with Anjaneya Urchavam”. During this festival period all those whose forefathers hails and worshiped Lord Venkatesa Perumal of Varagur visit this village and participate in this festival and devote their best to the Temple even though they migrated to urban areas and other countries. Every year Uriyadi will be performed on exactly 10th day from the Full Moon day (i.e 9th day from Raksha Bandhan) and 11th day Rukmini Kalyanam will be performed at Venkatesa Perumal Temple. All the 11 days Venkatesa Perumal of Varagur will be in different alangaram.

During this 11 day festival Veda Parayanam of Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana will be recited by the Great and Learned Sanskrit Scholars. Bajans and Divyanama Samkirthanams by Great personalities of Bhagavathals and discourse and upanyasam by Sanskrit Pandits. Also Annadhanam will be provided to all the devotees. All through the festival period, their day to day requirements like accommodation, samarathanai, etc. will be taken care of the Temple Trust out of the Temple Revenues.

Courtesy: Sri Varagooran Narayanan

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