Vishnu Shodasa Naama Stotram – chant Lord’s sweet names at all time


The Vishnu Shodasa Naama Stotraa is perhaps one of the highly revered slokas by the Sri Vaishnavas. Vishnu Shodasha Nama Stotram describes the 16 names of Lord Vishnu one needs to chant while doing different day to day activities. (Shodasha Namam literally means the Sixteen Names.) That is we can chant the sweet name of the lord even when we are doing our materialistic / regular works.

Sri Vishnu Shodasa Nama Stotram  Evoke, recall, retain and remember the Sixteen names of the Lord when placed in any situation.

Meditate upon the Lord  with His several names like Vishnu, Janardhana,  Padmanabha, Prajapati, Chakradhara, Trivikrama, Narayana, Sridhara, Govinda, Madhusoodhana, Narasimha, Jalasayana, Varaha, Raghunandana, Vamana, Madhava

Every morning (or anytime /when time permits) Please recite this stotram so that all our sins get annihilated and we feel the presence of Lord Vishnu around us, with us and within us !

This is the essence of the Sri Vishnu Shodasa Nama Stotram!

Prahalada is one of the greatest bhagavathas who always thought only about the supreme lord at all times. He undergone through all tough situations like in midst of fire, under the water, with the poisonous snakes etc but never left thinking of lord even a moment.

According to the Phala Stuti, a devotee who reads these 16 names every morning will get rid of all sins and attain Vishnuloka or Moksha.

औषधे चिन्तयेद्विष्णुं भोजने च जनार्दनम्  | शयने पद्मनाभं च विवाहे च प्रजापतिम् ॥

युद्धे चक्रधरं देवं प्रवासे च त्रिविक्रमम् | नारायणं तनुत्यागे श्रीधरं प्रियसंगमे ॥

दुः स्वप्ने स्मर गोविन्दं संकटे मधुसूदनम्  | कानने नारसिंहं च पावके जलशायिनम् ॥

जलमध्ये वाराहं च पर्वते रघुनन्दनम्  | गमने वामनं चैव सर्वकार्येषु माधवम् ॥

षोडशैतानि नामानि प्रातरूत्थाय यः पठेत् | सर्वपापविनिर्मुक्तो विष्णुलोके महीयते ॥

oushadhe chintayedvishNum bhojane cha janArdanam  | shayane padmanAbham cha vivAhe cha prajApatim ||

yuddhe chakradharam devam pravAse cha trivikramam | nArAyaNam tanutyAge shrIdharam priyasangame ||

duhsvapne smara govindam  sankaTe madhusoodanam | kAnane nArasimham cha pAvake jalashAyinam ||

jalamadhye varAham cha parvate raghunandanam | gamane vAmanam chaiva sarvakAryeshu mAdhavam||

ShoDashaitAni nAmAni prAtarutthAya yah paThet | sarvapApa-vinirmukto vishNuloke mahIyate ||


Think of him as the all pervader  “Vishnu “, when taking medicines  |While having food, intone the name of the Lord as “Janardhana” ||

When going to sleep, remember to recite the name “Padmanabham” | When in a marriage or while marrying, sing in the name of “Prajapati” ||

For victory in a difficult task, utter the name as “Chakradhara” | While living at a place other than one’s birthplace, chant as “Trivikrama” ||

On the threshold of the greatest complexity*, tune to “Narayana” | At the good company of the beloved, invoke the Lord as “SRIDHARA” ||

After a terrifying dream/nightmare, meditate upon “Govinda” | When in trouble, recall the Lord as “Madhusudhana” ||

At a forest or a deserted place, ruminate the name of “Narasimha” |In a fire or a fiery situation, deliberate on “Jalashayi” ||

If one happens to be in water, call for the Lord as “Varaaha” | On the mountains, continue to chant the name of “Raghunanadana” ||

While on the move-out, contemplate on the Lord as “Vamana” | And at all times and all phases of life recite “Madhava” !

He who recites these sixteen sacred names of Vishnu,  Every morning at the hour of dawn, will get absolved from all his sins, And reach Vaikuntha .

In this way, chant the names of the Lord 16 times or as many as possible, when placed in any situation!

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