Pancha Samskara Uthsavam at Madurantakam​


In the month of Avani, on the Sukla Panchami day, PeriaNambigal gave the Samasrayanam or Pancha Samskaram called DvayaMantropadesam (divine syllable) to Sri Ramanujar. The festival is celebrated every year as the Pancha Samskara Utsavam at Madurantakam. This is the only place where Sri Ramanujar can be seen as a Grihastha (familyman). Bakthas can see for themselves the Mandapam (which is within the precinct of the temple madil suvar) where the Pancha Samskaram was performed.

This year, the Utsavam falls on Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 and going celebrate grandly at Madurantakam.

The schedule of the day begin with

Thirumanjanam for Sri Periya Nambigal& Sri Bhasyakarar, then

Mangalasasanam in all the Sannidhis,

Panchasamskara Utsavam,

Upanyasams by Vidwans.

Vidwath Sadas on Sri Bhasyam, Bhagavat Vishayam then Sattrumarai.

The Thirumanjanam will be performed at Sri BhasyakararPadhithurai at the Madurantakam Aeri.

The Vidwath Sadas is being initiated and co-ordinated by Sri U.Ve. Villur Nadadoor Karunakarachar Swami.

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