Swathi Homam at Aransanipalai Sri LakshmiNarayana Perumal Thirukkoil


Today (August 23, 2012) Avani masa Swathi Homam was performed to Abhaya Hasta Yoganarasimha Perumal by devotees at Sri LakshmiNarayana Perumal Thirukkoil, Aransanipalai gramam.

It is proposed to perform Swathi Homam every month with contribution from bhaktas. Those who are interested may contact Sri Arasani Thattai Sampath  (Chennai) at 044-4203 3195; 09444727533 or Sri Arasanipalai Rajagopalan swami (Chennai) at 044-22345046; 09176339926 or through http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arasanipalai/


The following are some of the photographs taken today…

Courtesy: Sri Arasanipalai Rajagoplan and Sri ArasaniPalai Thattai Sampath


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