Swami Vedantha Desikan Avathara Mahostavam in Tirupati


In Tirupati the Avataara Mahotsavam of Sri Vedanta Desikar is celebrated only after the conclusion of Sri Vari Brahmostavam at tirumala, ie in the month of Aippasi Sravanam (Tula- masa Sravanam). This year due to adhikamaasam, Sathumorai utsavam will invariably coincides with Navarathri brahmostavam. This year 10days Avataara Mahotsavam celebrations are scheduled from 14/10/2012 to 23/10/2012.

The sathumorai will be held on 23rd october 2012 Tuesday, which is a unique celebration where Lord Govindarajar along with his consorts visits the Swami Desikan Sannadhi and stay there for 24 hours (one full day). Devotees are requested to participate and get blessings of Lord Govindarajar and Aacharyar.

Detail schedule of programme and invitation :

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