Sri Sthavam – 1

Thirukkudanthai Sri KOmaLavalli Thayar

BhagavAn SrI Hari NaaraAyan?an takes His cues in the matters of Creation (Sarga:), Dissolution (Upasarga:), Protection (sTithee:), by seeking concurrence from the expressions in the beautiful face of His Consort. The world of DevAs (Svargam), Narakam (Dhurgathi), Sri Vaikuntam/Moksha sTAnam (Aapavargika padham) and all other worlds are under His sway and He rules over them (Sarvam cha kurvan Hari:).

He executes all these tasks by taking the directions/cues from the hints (ingitham) originating from SrI Devi’s auspicious face (Thirumukha MaNDalam). He is thus under Her total influence, and performs His work according to Her wishes. If this were not so, the BhagavAn will not enjoy the jagath srushti-rakshanNa-samhAra vyApArams.

He is Sri Devi ParAdheenan, since He wants to please Her. He looks at Her face for the different signals and completes every thing according to Her wish (YasyA: Mukham Veekshya, tadhingitha ParAdheena: akhilam vidhatthE). He is thus under Her total control in these matters and goes about executing His work according to Her wishes. If this were not to be so, the Lord will not enjoy His Jagath Srushti-rakshaNa -SamhAra vyApArams. They are of unified mind and for their play, they delight in engaging in this chess game. They are yEka Seshi Dampathis. If there is no matching enjoyment (Eikarasyam), then this play of Creation et al won’t produce any joy for them (anyathA Asya tayA EikarasyAth iyam kreeDA rasathA na syAth khalu?). May SrI Devi of such power and who is united with Him at all times, places and states (Eikarasyam) confer auspiciousness on me to undertake this onerous task (asEsha JagathAm SrI: Svasthi disatAdh).

Sri VathsAnkAcchAr Swamy points out that this prayerful request is modeled after the Vaakyam of Sage ParAsarA in Sri VishNu pUrANam: “Sa disathu BhagavAn asEshapumsAm Harirapajanma-jarAdhikam samruddhim”. Here, the father of Sage VyAsA who gave us the most sacred Saathvika PurANam (VishNu PurANam) prays for all jeevans to be blessed with every kind of MangaLam.

The prayOgam of “Khalu” in this slOkam by KurEsar according to Sri SrivathsAnkAchAr Swamy is to indicate that this yEka sEshithvam and Eikarasyam among them is celebrated in Veda -VedAnthams.

The Eikarasyam concept is an important theme of Azhwaars. This is why RaamAnuja chose the Panguni Uttaram day to offer his SaraNAgati to the Divine couple, when he saw them physically seated together (Ekapeetam) on that day at Srirangam temple. Swamy Desikan has dwelled on this concept in his works; has gone further to underline the related concept of EKASESHITVAM as one of the central principles of Sri VaishNavam as taught by his Poorvaacharyas. He salutes that extraordinary state of Interdependence of the divine couple in one of his slOkas of Sri Sthuti as follows:

“Vishnu: tvam cha iti Dwandhvam anyOnya Lakshyam”. Oh! Sri Devi, You and your husband are bound forever by your love for each other. You are never far away from each other even for a moment; both of You with Your limitless, illustrious qualities are a PAIR that can be understood COMPLETELY ONLY through each other. That is why You are introduced as Vishnu Patni and he is known as Sriya:Pathi. That is your extraordinary state of Interdependence.


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