Navarathri Uthsavam at Villivakkam Koil


This has been a very special Navarathri for Sri Padmavathy Sametha sri Srinivasa Perumal Koil , in Tirumangalam Road, Villivakkam. This Temple is under renovation and all uthsavars are placed in Balalayam. At this time, being Navarathri, Sri Padmvathy Thayar is placed in a newly made decorated Dolai for celebrating Dolothsavam on all the 9 days of this festival. The newly modified hall in which the Dolai is placed provide the right atmosphere. We welcome all those living near to this temple to make a visit and enjoy and get the blessings of Sri Padmavathy Thayar. Maha Samprokshanam for this temple, after full renovation is expected to be done in the forthcoming Utharayanam, Thai maasam

Courtesy:Sri R.Srinivasan Swami

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