Apologies to Anudinam Readers



From: Chief-Editor – Anudinam.org

To all our readers

With the grace of Thayar and Perumal, we are being used by them for their kainkaryam through Anudinam for past one year. We would like to thank all our readers, for their continuous support in the last one year (since November 2011), by providing us valuable feedback and news contents. In the last one year there has been 800,000 page visits by 200,000 visitors from 155 countries for Anudinam and our readers has spent nearly 16,200 hours in anudinam. (Source: Google Analytics)

As many of our readers would have noticed, we have not been updating news frequently and swiftly in the last two months (August 2012 and September 2012), as we did in the previous 10 months. On an average, we  published around 250-300 news per month between November 2011-July 2012, which has come down drastically in the last two months (Aug-Sep 2012) and we would like to apologise to our readers for that. The main reason behind this, is due to the lack of manpower.
At Anudinam, we are currently 4 volunteers working part time in adding the news, after our regular working hours at office. For past two months, two of us were not available and just the remaining two had to manage adding the news, which has resulted in the reduced number of news being published. We will try to bring it back, by publishing more news from the coming week and we request our readers to support us, as they did in the past.

In this context, we would like to invite volunteers who are interested to be a part of Anudinam team to assist us in adding news on a daily basis by spending one or two hours per day. You would not be required to prepare any text or article on your own. We will be creating a login id in our easily usable interface for Anudinam and will be providing the news items and photos to our volunteers which they need to verify, add in our back-end interface and submit it to the chief editor for publishing the same.

Interested readers can mail us the following details and we will contact you shortly:

Name, E-mail address, Location/Country/Time Zone, your aacharyan, possible hours per day and any other additional information you wish to add along with this.

Please mail your details to srivaishnavanews@gmail.com

Once again on-behalf of Anudinam team, we would like to apologise for the lack of news being published in August-September 2012, and we pray to our Perumal that, with all your support, we continue to serve the bhagavads through anudinam.org with greater strength in the years to come.


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