Sri Sthavam – 5

Swathi Peetam Sri Aanandavalli ThAyAr
Swathi Peetam Sri Aanandavalli ThAyAr

Oh Maha Lakshmi! I am not ashamed to engage in my praise of You in spite of my inadequacies and disqualifications. I know that I have neither exemplary conduct nor a sharp intellect informed by Sastra Jnanam. In spite of these limitations, my praise of You will not become impure. The situation is similar to the lowly dog licking the most sacred waters of Ganga to quench its thirst. The River Ganga is not polluted by the dog’s act and the dog gets its thirst quenched. Here KurEsa equates the sanctity of Maha Lakshmi to the holiness of Ganga and himself to the undeserving dog.


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