Sri Sthavam – 6 & 7

Thanjai MaamaNi Koil Senkamalavalli ThAyAr
Thanjai MaamaNi Koil Senkamalavalli ThAyAr

Oh RanganAyaki! It is said that wealth is of two kinds. One is that, which is experienced here on earth (Eihikam) and the other experienced in Sri Vaikuntam by Mukthas and Nitya Suris (Aamushmikam). Both these types of wealth are enjoyed by a fortunate few as a result of the anugraham of your merciful glances falling on them. The beneficial impact of those glances do not surprise us one bit! The reason for our belief is that we know already that Your Lord, who is His Own Master, considers Himself Kruthaarthan (one, who achieved the purpose of his mission), when your glances fall on Him. KurEsa summarizes the special blessed status of Sriman Narayana this way:

“jagannatha: AtmEswara: narayanOpi tava eekshaNaath svaatmaanam dhanyam manyateh”

ThiruvallikeNi AandaL—ThiruvAdipooram

Oh Consort of Ranganatha! Whatever blessings a Chetana possesses as Wealth, Beauty, goodness and auspiciousness in this world, ALL of these result from You. It is Your (Lakshmi) sambhandam that makes them qualified in the above manner. Some of them become auspicious by SAAKSHAAT Lakshmi Vachaka Sabdham and the others by Lakshmi VISISHTA Vaachaka Sabdham. KurEsa refers in this verse to two types of auspiciousness through association with SRISABDHAM. One is “SrIriti abhedhena praTaam asnuthE”. By the very attachment of the Sabdham “SRI”, they attain auspiciousness. Thiru Pathi, Thiru Mangai, Thiru MaaLikai, Thiru ViLakku, Sri KurEsa are examples of the Sakshaath Sabdham. Visishta Vaachaka Sabdhams are illustrated by Srimad Bhagavatam, Srimad Ramaayanam, Srimad Anantha Saras et al.


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