Sri Sthavam – 11


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Bakthavathsalan - NaachiyAr Thirukkolam

KurEsa concludes the Sri Sthavam by describing the power of that merciful glance of RanganAyaki. He begs Her to enrich him by casting Her glance on him. In this verse, he reveals that even a second’s rest of Her glance on one will result in the acquisition of riches of the kind that have no comparison. That Eiswaryam blessed by RanganAyaki is not the ordinary wealth that disappears with time. It is the unalloyed bliss of Moksham and residence in Sri Vaikuntam as a Muktha Jeevan in the company of Dhivya Dampathis and the Nitya Sooris. The noble and altruistic poet, Sri KurEsa finally prays for the wealth of Kainkarya-Sampath from Sri Devi in this Sthavam.

Swamy Desikan elaborated on the brief prayer of KurEsa in his Sri Sthuti. There are 25 verses in Swamy Desikan’s Sri Sthuti. The first 12 and the last 12 of them pay tribute to Sri Devi’s KalyaaNa GuNaas and reveal the Saastric truths about Her YEKASESHITVAM. In the epicenter of this sthuti, in the 13th verse, Swamy Desikan celebrates the Pattabhishekam of Maha Lakshmi, when She appeared out of the milky ocean during the time of its churning and became the consort of Maha Vishnu and thereby gave Him the title of Sriya:Pathi.

Swamy Desikan like KurEsa recognized Her as “Mangalaanaanam Mangalam” and “Sreyo Murthi:” He reveals that She is the auspiciousness behind all auspiciousness and that She is the embodiment of Benevolence. He points out that in the Yajna of Prapatti, the Jeevan, the property of the Dhivya Dampathis has to be presented as Havis to them in recognition of their role as YEKASESHIS. Swamy salutes the Divine Couple, who are in separable this way: “Dampathee Yuvaanam Na: Daivatham”. Swamy Desikan salutes them as equals in the spirit of the Vedas. He adds that the Atman has to be presented as Havis to both of them to conclude one’s Prapatti and to receive thereafter the fruit of Moksham through that offering to the Divine Couple. Swamy Desikan says that the blessed-ones are single-minded about getting Sevaadhikaaram to the Divine Couple practicing yEkaseshitva Yogam. Such Prapannas according to Swamy Desikan treat the other riches of the world as worthless as the blades of Grass.

Vedavalli ThAyAr - ThiruvallikENi

adiyEn will conclude on Sri Sthavam with the Dhyana SlOkam of the Sri Sthuti of Swamy Desikan, who drew his inspiration from the PoorvAchAryAs. Here Swamy Desikan sums up the KalyaaNa GuNaas of Maha Lakshmi in the manner celebrated by Alawandhar in Chatussloki, RaamAnuja in Sriranga Gadhyam, KurEsa in Sri Sthavam and Parasara Bhattar in Guna Ratna Kosam. The Dhyana SlOkam is as follows:

Here, Swamy Desikan recognizes Maha Lakshmi as the Auspiciousness (Mangalam) behind ALL auspicious objects and Tattvaas. He understands Her as the boundary of Mercy. He sees Her as a Mandaara garland adorning the head of the fragrant Veda Mantraas. He salutes Her as the most precious wealth of the Lord. He points out to us that She is the boon-granting, wish-yielding Kamadhenu for all the worlds. Swamy Desikan prays that Maha Lakshmi of such attributes should always reside in his mind. KurEsa prayed for the glances of Maha Lakshmi to fall on him and there by sanctify him.

adiyEn concludes this write-up on SrI Sthavam with a prayer to Maha Lakshmi to bless us all and enhance our Kaimkarya SrI.

SrI KooranATa SrIvathsachihnamisra Virachitha: SrIsthava: SampoorNa:

Mozhiyai Kadakkum Perumpugazhaan //
Vanjamukkurumbaam kuzhiyaikkadakkum //
Nam Koorathaazhwaan sharan koodiya pin //
Pazhiyaikkadathum iraamaanusan //
Pugazh paadiyallaa vazhiyaikkadathal //
Enakkini yaadhum varutthamanRe

Aazhwaar, Aachaaryaal ThiruvadigaLE Saranam
Swamy KurEsar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


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