Vijayadasami (Parvettai) Purappadu at Divyadesams


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The occassion of Vijayadasami (24 oct 2012) was celebrated at divyadesams with parvettai and purappdu.

During Parvettai Lord is taken on procession for “hunt – vettai” where he aims his arrow at Vanni maram (Shami vruksham) signifying the killing of Vanniyasura, the forest demon and symbolically suggesting the protection of the good.

Tirumala :

The celestial hunting festival of Lord Malayappa Swamy “Paruveta Utsavam”, celebrated with religious fervour amidst thousands of devotees at Paruveta Mandapam in Tirumala.

Earlier the Abhishekam and other special rituals took place at the Paruveta Mandapam.

The Lord Malayappa Swamy in the alankaram of Sarvabhoopala (the mighty universal emperor) with Panchayudam including Sankham (conch), Chakram (disc), gadha, Khadgam, Sarngam (bow-arrow) and accompanied by Sri Krishna Swamy, enchanted the devotees.

Later the temple priests and officials participated in this mock hunt as a part of the festival.

After the paruveta and customary rituals the deities were taken back to the main temple by evening.


Thiruvallikeni: (photo courtesy : Shri S. Sampathkumar, kairavini karaiyinile blog)

In Sri Parthasarathi Swami temple,on this day there was purapadu of Lord Parthasarathi on ‘kuthirai vahanam’ – the Lord in pure white silk riding a horse was great darshan to all bakthas.   A branch of  vanni tree was  symbolically placed at the entrance of the Temple where Parvettai was performed.





Thirunindravur :

Sri Bhaktavatsala Swami was taken procession on the occasion.






Srirangam :

Every year Nam Perumal visits Kattazhagiya Singar temple for parvettai. Namperumal  leave on his palanquin through the ‘Eastern Vellai Gopuram’ for his annual trip to the Kaattazhagiya Singar Temple. On reaching the temple, Namperumal stationed himself at the outer mandapam where some rituals were performed. At evening., Namperumal on his Golden Horse mount was positioned at the four pillared mandapam right in front of the Vanni tree.  the hunting scene was enacted in front of thousands of devotees who had gathered at the Singaperumal temple with Namperumal’s representatives striking the arrows in different directions.

After the enactment of this hunting scene and having spent the whole day with the Narasimhar, Namperumal starts on his return trip.

Ahead of Namperumal’s return trip, Sathara Street, the wholesale Flower market of Srirangam, was wonderfully decorated with festive lights and flowers marking the entire stretch of the market. This is the only day in the year when Namperumal makes his way through the Flower market providing darshan to the vendors in the street. And having provided darshan for almost an hour at the Southern entrance of the Ranganathaswamy temple, Namperumal made his way back to the Gayathri mandapam where Tirumanjanam was performed along with the Ubhaya Nachiyars bringing to an end his annual hunting expedition to the Singaperumal temple.








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