HH Azhakiasingars’s Sri Sethu snanam


On this pournami day, the 29th October 2012, HH 45th and 46th Azhakiasingars performed Sri Sethu snanam accompanied by several sishyas who came to Thiruppullani – Sethukkarai specially for this purpose. On 28th night there was good rains and even on the 29th morning, there was drizzling. But it stopped before HH Azhakiasingar completed his abhigamana aaraadhanam for Sri Malolan, even though it was cloudy. Immediately after aaraadhanam both Azhakiasingars arrived at Sethukkarai with sishyas. And Samudrarajan, perhaps considering the health of both the Seers, kept himself very calm and the ocean was almost waveless with crystal clear water. “Veda Bhashya Rathna” ganapati Srinivasan performed Sethu snana sankalpam and the two yathis had their Sethu snanam. Garuthman rounded up during the snanam.

Courtesy: Sri T.Raguveeradayal Swami

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