HH Azhakiasingars Mangalasasanam at Thiruppullani


HH 45th and 46th Azhakiasingars did mangalasasanam at Thiruppullani Sri Adhijagannatha Perumal temple on 31st October. The temple officer Peshkar Sri kannan along with archakaas came to Sri Ahobila Mutt with full temple honors and led Azhakiasingars to the temple. At the entrance both Jeeyars were welcomed with poorana kumbha mariyathai and later were offered Sri Satari mariyathai near dhwajasthambham after which the Jeeyars had mangalasasanam at all the sannidhis in the temple. Jeeyars offered vasthrams to all the sannidhis and after the mangalasasanam all the temple kainkaryaparals were honored by the Jeeyars with pushkala sambhavanai.

While returning from the temple they did mangalasasanam at Srirangam Srimad Andavan ashramam Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Perumal and Swami Desikan. They were received with poorana kumbha mariyadhai and at both the sannidhis.

Courtesy: Sri T.Raguveeradayal Swami

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  1. very rare and excellent acharyas darisanam and magalasasanam really i am for away to get this opertunity but graces of acharyas through face book i got it this also poorvapooniya sukirtham to view this web site regards to acharyas and kaikarparals . handoff…………….


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