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Recent Book and CD releases by Sri Nadadoor Ammal Trust

Sri Nadadoor Ammal Trust is pleased to announce the recent releases of following books and Audio CDs.
Books in Tamil
  • 1. Udagashantiyin Utporul – Part I
  • 2. Sri Bashyamrutham
These books and our other publications are available in :
Jayalakshmi Indological Book House
6 (New No 11), Appar Swami Koil Street,
Mylapore  Chennai, 600004
Tel :  044 24990539
Audio CDs
  • 1. Sri Krishna Leelai – Upanyasam in Tamil, courtesy Malleswaram Desika Sabha
  • 2. Broadway Upanyasam – Upanyasam in Tamil on Sri Anjaneyar Vaibhavam, Sri Chakrathalwar Vaibhavam, Sri Varadarajar Vaibhavam &   Sri Nadadoor Ammal Vaibhavam
CDs can be obtained from the Trust or from Sri Ananthanarayana. Tel :  +91 9444030895

Sri Nadadoor Ammal Trust,

Plot No. 13 & 14, Bharthiar Street,

Sivakami Nagar, Gowrivakkam,

Chennai 600 073.

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