Sri Gopala Vimsati – 9


I worship the most merciful Gopala, who is the root cause of the creation, sustenance and destruction of this universe; He is the one, who revealed to us the easy to practice route of Prapatthi as the short road to Moksham. He is the rejuvenating, rain-bearing cloud that enhanced the wealth and well being of the citizens of Brindhaavanam. The flute that rests on His red lips during the time of His playing appears to be deeply eager to taste the sweetness of his mouth. I salute this embodiment of mercy known as VeNugopaalan.


After being blessed with darsana samanAkAra sevai, Swamy takes it as a real experience and begins to eulogize the Lord through kaimkarya roopa sEvaa. Swamy Desikan envisions KrishNaa before him now. His dark hue, red lips and the flute positioned on those charming lips become the object of homage this slOkam. Swamy Desikan celebrates the object of his vision as the Parama KaaruNya Moorthy, who had descended from Sri Vaikuntam as KaaraNa Maanusha GopAlan to respond to our Prapathti and to remind us that there are no other easier path for Moksham (Naanya: panTA ayanAya vidhyathE).

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